How To Repair Swollen Laminate Flooring Without Replacing?

How To Repair Swollen Laminate Flooring Without Replacing

The appearance and texture of natural wood are successfully replicated by laminate flooring, which is among the most scratch-resistant and long-lasting flooring solutions now available. Homeowners prefer this foundation option over any other available choice because it can withstand considerable traffic.

The only drawback to this flooring solution is that it cannot withstand water or excessive moisture levels, which can cause it to bloat. There are a few ways you could fix it but repairing it without changing it is a less expensive option. Here is the outline of the cause of swollen floor and the action you should take to repair the bubbled flooring without resorting to replacement.

What Factors Contribute to The Bubbling of The Laminate Floor?

What Factors Contribute to The Bubbling of The Laminate Floor?

The laminate floor can experience the following issues:

Moisture Problem

A high moisture level almost always causes bubbles on the laminate surface. The laminate will not be able to resist moisture when there are broken pipes underneath the flooring or if the humidity barrier is not properly installed. As a result, the flooring begins to get larger with time.


Another factor that can be responsible for the expansion of the floor is the presence of delamination. Puffing of the laminate base might happen if the laminate planks are not correctly installed or if any damage happens when the planks are installed.

No Spaces Exist Between the Planks

The gradual increase in temperature causes the laminated board to undergo expansion over time. The boards will begin to lift if the installer doesn’t allow space between them. As a direct result, your laminate foundation starts to bubble, which causes the floor to expand.

Absence Of Expansion Joints

A space must be left between the joining sections whenever laminate flooring is installed in a large space. When laminate is installed in an extra-large area, there is a greater chance that air may become trapped under the planks, which will cause the surface to expand.

Water Spills

You will be left with a bloated laminate floor if you do not promptly clean up any spills, excess water, or pipe leaks that occur as soon as they occur. It’s important to know how to clean your floors properly. Another issue that frequently arises is the use of steam cleaning and wet mops. It is not a good idea to utilize these techniques on the laminate floor because they possess the potential to generate water damage signs like buckles and bubbles.

Substandard Quality

When determining the longevity of laminate flooring, factors such as strength properties, sheeting, and the quality of the lock connections all play an important part. Because of this, it is best to get laminate floors from a reputable supplier or manufacturer to avoid dissatisfaction with the product. You should verify the overall strength and density of the laminate boards before installing them. Good laminate planks should not break even when subjected to a light amount of physical stress.

In addition, the sheeting must have sufficient strength to bear constant pressure. In the case that there is an excessive amount of tension, boards that have joints that are not very strong are the ones that are most likely to shatter. The laminate strips need to click with extra pressure; thus, you should also check the locking mechanism.

When Installing Laminate Flooring, It Is Important to Follow These Steps

If the damage isn’t too significant, laminate flooring shouldn’t be too difficult to repair, at least not in an ideal situation. When attempting to repair laminate flooring that has been swelled, a few critical measures need to be followed.

Carry Out a Comprehensive Examination of The Floor

You should begin by thoroughly assessing the region that gives you problems.  It could be an issue with the expansion gap, excessive moisture caused by a leaking pipe, overflow caused by broken home equipment such as dishwashers, or any combination of the three. In either case, you will need to move rapidly to discover the truth about it.

You will be able to identify the boards that require maintenance if you carry out a careful inspection. Take note of any boards that are twisted, bubbled, or don’t fit together evenly. To indicate the locations of the damaged parts, you can utilize a post-it note, a marking pen, or a strip of colored tape.

How To Repair Bubble Laminate Flooring Without Changing It?

You can repair the damaged laminate flooring in several ways, one of which is by replacing it. But don’t worry; if the damage isn’t too bad, you won’t have to take off the entire floor. You may quickly mend your floor by contacting Brspro for assistance, or you can follow the steps for repairing laminate flooring to learn everything you need. The following instructions are for straightforward do-it-yourself projects that any homeowner may carry out.

  • To begin with, you can address the problem by using a knife to cut through the area where the bubbles are. If the outcome does not meet your expectations, you can fix the swollen surface using a laminate repair kit.
  • Rolling the floor can also be another approach to making the laminate surface as smooth as possible. You can use a 100lb roller to smooth out the lift-up spot.
  • You can also try drying the affected region with a dryer or a heater.
  • By “bursting” minor bubbles, you can make minor bubbles disappear. First, place a wet cloth over the bubble, and then use a sharp knife to make a slit in the area. After that, apply some wood glue to the incision, and push the veneer firmly. The final stage, which will result in its flattening, is to put some pressure on it overnight.
  • You can also give the popping approach a shot to see if it helps solve the bubbling in the laminate floor.


Laminate flooring is an attractive and reasonably economical option for hardwood floors. On the downside, it is not as sturdy or damage-proof. The good thing is that you won’t have trouble finding solutions to the problems. Just be sure to implement all the guidelines listed above, and you won’t encounter any trouble.

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