How long does a hair transplant last?

how long hair transplant last

Hair health is an issue that was very little talked about. Men and women concealed their hair loss with caps, scarves, berets among other accessories; so as not to pass pity on everyone and obviously not have to comment on it with anyone. We could either say that it was a summary secret, or simply a taboo subject for many. But, this changed over the years and fashion by taking care of our bodies, growing ourselves and showing an improved version of us.

Clinics specializing in hair grafts emerged around the world to provide a definitive solution for patients suffering from baldness. The answer was abysmal; millions of men and women approached these aesthetic centers in hopes of getting help and found it.

The most frequently asked question a hair surgeon hears in your office is: How long does a hair transplant last!? To which the expert responds; the average time of a hair transplant is about 25 years.

It should be noted that each patient has very particular characteristics, which have a decisive influence on the reproductive capacity of the follicle; in fact, the genetic aspect and its relevance in hair health is hugely involved here. This means that alopecia is not a disease that is born overnight, it is caused by a number of causes that we do not see at first glance, but which a specialist can detect.

Before you have a capillary implant procedure to solve your alopecia problems, it’s vitally important that it’s a surgeon who evaluates your condition and scalp characteristics to tell you the best treatment. And at the same time detect the type of alopecia that affects you, and therefore rule out some presence of skin pathologies that may contraindicate surgery. This depends on the success that the operation may have in the medium and long term, you can see this in the results in the future.

Will the hair graft last a lifetime?

To give you a clearer picture of the picture of how long a hair implant lasts, it’s important to know that micro hair grafts are maintained throughout life. It’s possible! Because when performed with the patient’s own follicular units, there is no possibility of rejection once they have been subtracted from the donor area and become implanted and adapted to the receiving area. This occurs because the hairs selected in the donor area are genetically coded so as not to develop alopecia, so they will not be mini-tattooed.

After this thorough procedure the follicular units enter a kind of resting phase that lasts in most patients between two and four months respectively, after which they begin to grow. The end result will be between the eighth month and the year since the transplant.

The success of the operation has a lot to do with the study and prior evaluation of the surgeon, and in turn analyze the number of viable follicular units to be transplanted, as well as the number of hair grafts that can be performed, should be evaluated and designed previously. Therefore, the surgeon will recommend prior to surgery to perform a densidometric study of the number of hairs per square centimeter on the patient’s scalp and thereby determine the causes that have caused severe alopecia.

Once the intervention is planned and designed, the medical team, with the use of local anesthesia and state-of-the-art surgical instruments, is given the task of selecting the most suitable follicular units through a delicate process of unit microcuts and extraction so that they do not suffer any damage. This ensures that the selected follicular units are in perfect condition to be implanted in the patient’s receiving area and the success of the graft is fully given.

When we speak for sure how long a surgical procedure of the type of hair graft can last, we must touch the point of care that the patient must perform to know how to protect the development of the implanted follicle. Therefore, just after the operation the patient is told important guidelines that he must comply to the letter for the follicle settlement process, and others that in years after implantation must be made so that the results can last in the long term.

Retouching after a hair transplant what to expect?

On the other hand, if we talk about the duration of a hair transplant, it is necessary to take into account that in several cases tweaks are made; this as long as the patient and surgeon agree.

Just as there are cases of complete success after the intervention and other sessions there are also cases of patients who deserve a touch-up in depopulated areas, or not as populated as expected, in this scenario the surgeon evaluates the situation and proceeds to implant new follicles from healthy areas. To find out if this retouching was successful, a series of reviews were carried out which checks the results generated by the transplant technique performed. In the first year, the evaluations will be periodic and if during that time the transplant has been successfully developed, the specialist will ensure that the follicle will develop completely normally in the long term.

These procedures have a duration of time that depends on the number of follicular units required and the characteristics of the hair in the donor area and the patient. These outpatient interventions usually last about six or eight hours, during which breaks are performed. The procedure tends to be performed under local anesthesia. At no time is there pain, although at some point you may notice any discomfort similar to that of a pull of hair. Nothing to stress about!

Hair transplantation has been performed for more than 50 years. The techniques have been advancing over the years and the advancement of technology. Turkey is the one who leads the hair graft market for its extensive experience in the area and the countless success stories that have led it to become the nation par excellence of capillary revitalization.

In short, all the success of hair grafting is fifty percent surgeons and fifty percent patients. This relationship must be perfect to recover hair health and thus become the same person of before, always cheerful and ready to impress with your appearance and your dense hair. Take the risk and decide to do it uniquely and exclusively for you!

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