Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in USA

Best hair transplant clinics in USA

The United States is a country of opportunity, of change and where dreams are most attainable. On the aesthetic side, it has thousands of specialized centers to help with new techniques the changes that hundreds of patients crave to make.

The interest of men and women to look good is common in this new century. Feeling good goes beyond going to a gym, doing a diet, being physically well-proportioned, among other aspects that make anyone interesting and attractive.

The effect of social media has had a great effect on young people and adults who have been concerned about looking better in their multimedia profiles.

That’s where the world of aesthetics has gained overwhelming strength. Aesthetic centers, beauty centers, surgical institutes, and medical centers in general have gained numerous customers in the U.S.

Several studies confirm this, mostly American women are the most likely to suffer from alopecia. Although it seems hard to believe, it is the female population that is most affected by it. Many don’t even dare talk about it. They feel they could be rejected. For this reason, they tend to hide it under scarves or other hair accessories.

It is well known that millions of people around the world make a significant economic investment trying to stop hair loss and/or restore lost hair. In many cases, these treatments don’t work and become a complete waste of money.

Here are the top 5 best hair transplant clinics in the USA

1- Capilclinic

The list of surgical procedures in medical centers is quite extensive. Specialized centers such as CapilClinic US perform hair grafts for ladies and gentlemen. They are leaders in hair transplants, have world-class facilities, advanced medical equipment and a team of surgeons specialized in the field of aesthetics.

2- Houston Hair Transplant Center

The second option in the United States to perform a successful hair graft is the Houston Hair Transplant Center, run by Dr. Goran Jezic, offers everything related to the restoration of hair follicles. In this place they use the FUE technique.

In terms of costs, we can say that they are quite reasonable compared to other specialized centers. They ensure that they do not charge for the consultation and their prices are all-inclusive. They also offer funding plans to make hair transplant surgery possible always respecting the patient’s budget.

3- Care4Hair

For our third recommendation of specialized hair transplant clinics, we will head to the Miami area. Care4Hair is a medical center specialized in hair grafting and employs the most innovative techniques and tools for hair restoration currently available.

With the Neograft technique, perfectly natural results are created. Grafts are placed in a way that looks totally natural. Once these hair follicles are transplanted into the objective areas, they will remain in place permanently. They also offer several hair restoration options for patients suffering from hair loss, for example: Hairline Restoration, Body Hair Transplantation, Ethnic Hair Transplantation, Eyebrow Hair Transplantation, Facial Hair Transplantation, among others.

In the clinic, the cost of capillary grafting depends on the patient’s case and the area to regenerate. It is not really possible to determine an estimate of the cost per graft without a personal evaluation with one of your specialists.

All procedures are performed by certified surgeons, in conjunction with a team of specialists highly trained in hair restoration techniques. At Care4Hair they work together to make their patients feel comfortable and safe, and finally have a rewarding experience.

4- Hair Transplant Institute Miami

Another recommendation that ranks fourth among our top five hair graft clinics on North American soil is: Hair Transplant Institute Miami. Specialized exclusively in hair transplantation for men and women. Surgeons, physicians Bernard Nusbaum and Paul Rose, bring their 25 years of experience in follicular transplantation practice.

At Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, they care about giving each patient thicker, more natural hair. They have a fairly complete workforce of workers: surgeons, doctors, nurses and the rest of the staff.

5- Nu-Hart Hair Clinics

Nu/Hart Hair Transplant in USA

And last but not least, we closed this top 5 with Nu-Hart Hair Clinics. With over 25 years of experience in hair restoration, Nu/Hart, this medical center offers a definitive solution to hair loss. For more than 25 years they have served athletes and celebrities. Those who have made it clear that the results behind hair grafts have been formidable.

They help each patient with an accurate diagnosis and provide different options to change their appearance and recover their image, with amazing results. They also offer a range of products, so your patients can reduce or stop hair loss or speed recovery time after a hair transplant procedure.

As you will see, from north to south or east to west; across the country you’ll get many clinics that will help you end baldness thanks to hair grafts.

However, the best thing in these cases is to investigate. Finding the clinic with state-of-the-art medical equipment, qualified and committed surgeons, plus all of these fit your budget will always be the right choice for you and your well-being.

At what age should I have a hair transplant?

The best age to have a hair transplant is when you see an abrupt amount of hair lost. That’s when you need to act and contact a specialist doctor to help you analyze the causes and origin of alopecia and together determine whether the operation is necessary or not.

In short, the minimum age for treatment in men is usually at 25 or 27 years of age, for women it is a few years later; that is, from 30 or 32.

As you can see, we should always pay special attention to our bodies. Every pain and discomfort our body expresses to us is a call for attention.

This list is an excellent guide for you to study the possibilities and have options to choose from. Keep in mind that you need to know the whole picture, study the pros and cons of each clinic and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Get down to business and enjoy your hair again, renew yourself and stop hiding behind that cap!

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