Best hair transplant in UK: Clinics 2022

best hair transplant clinics in UK

Improving appearance is a complex issue these days. The fact of wanting to be pleasing to the eye is certainly a factor that puts pressure on each of us. Let’s face it, we want to stand out, feel safe and comfortable with how we look, what we wear, what we project. It’s a matter of trust and where self-esteem is fundamental to winning.

Men and women for years have sought an effective solution to alopecia. Many are the factors that cause hair loss, daily we are exposed to high levels of stress, infections, exposure to toxic, we experience anxiety crises, nutritional imbalance and this causes sudden hair loss.

On the other hand, although it may seem incredible, alopecia is itself an autoimmune disease that essentially occurs when the individual’s immune system attacks and destroys by mistake the healthy hair follicles of the scalp and is itself influenced by the genetics family. That is, if in the family history any member suffered from early hair loss it is highly likely that you will also suffer from it. What we call genetic predisposition.

At CapilClinic UK we are ready to give you the result you have wanted so much to improve your image. With top-notch medical professionals, a modern, state-of-the-art medical facility is without a doubt the ideal place for a successful hair transplant in London.

Statistics do not lie and the United Kingdom does not escape this problem. Recent studies indicate that eight of the ten baldest countries in the world are in Europe. The problem of hair loss begins to manifest from the age of 25, when one in four men begins to see a significant amount of hair disappear.

Unlike other eras, the methods in which hair loss is worked have changed by far. Technology has revolutionized this aesthetic medical area and given it amazing tools to make changes less difficult and of course nothing painful for the patient.

Thanks to the advancement of science, the medical community has managed to take hair grafting to another level. The procedures are safe, and it is possible to completely repopulate the scalp without pain, in a few hours and at very affordable prices available to almost everyone.

We know that it is of great importance to do a previous study before making the decision to have a hair graft. In the UK there are a lot of options for this, that’s why we have done research for your comfort, and we have the best five hair transplant clinics across the United Kingdom. Notes!

List of the best hair transplant clinics in the UK

1- CapilClinic UK

CapilClinic UK is the leading hair transplant clinic in London. It has the most modern facilities and advanced technology. In addition, it has special packages to provide cost options accessible to all its patients. Its success in part is due to the presence of a renowned surgeon specializing in this aesthetic area. The genius of his results in hair transplants has made him stand out especially when it comes to the sapphire technique (FUE). A graduate of the University of Leicester, his career has led him to work in the UK’s leading hospitals. More than a hundred successfully operated patients around the world attest to their excellent work.

2- Gold Medical Hair Transplant

6. Gold Medical Hair Transplant

The Gold Medical Hair Transplant specializes in hair transplantation as well as a number of additional aesthetic procedures such as Power FUE, FUT Technique, Mini & Micro Strip, Hair Loss in Women, PRP, and Beard Transplantation. Hair transplantation is a type of medical art that relies on the experience and talent of the plastic surgeon. The clinic’s guiding principle is that, unlike any other creator, hair transplantation is not an option to begin with because the specialist plastic surgeon has only one chance to do the right thing, so the hair transplantation clinic boasts of specialized and well-trained physicians with years of quality experience. To help hair transplant surgeons do their jobs more efficiently, the clinic provides both clients and surgeons with the most advanced painless injection system of local anaesthesia U225 in hair transplantation, as well as the use of younger local anaesthetics that completely neutralize intraoperative and postoperative pain.

3- Hair Science Clinic London

For more than two decades, the Hair Science Institute has been the world’s premier hair transplantation facility. Additionally, it laid the groundwork for its Hair Science Academy, Research & Development Institute, and a network of Hair Science Clinics throughout the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian regions. With HST, Hair Science Clinics use a self-developed procedure for hair transplantation that results in long-lasting and natural-looking results: the extremely effective and patented Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST). R&D and training conducted within the company help to develop this scientific method. New treatments for hair restoration are always being developed and perfected at the clinic’s Hair Science Institute, as are medical equipment and patient-friendliness at the Hair Science Clinic. Additionally, the Hair Science Clinics and the Hair Science Academy provide high-quality education and training opportunities. They are qualified, retrained on a regular basis and trained in the science-based HST technique. Hair science clinics can be found all over the world, including in London, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Paris, Cap d’Antibes, Milan, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Jakarta, Bali, amongst other cities and countries (Indonesia).

4- Dr Glancey Hair Transplant London Clinic

Surgeon and hair transplant specialist Dr. Glancey has more than 25 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation Founder of Dr. Glancey Clinics. Dr. Glancey has built a team of aesthetic practitioners that share her excitement and commitment to excellence and she directly oversees and trains the entire team. A famous cosmetic surgeon in the United States, she also specializes in hair loss transplants and has appeared frequently on television shows as well as in magazine and newspaper articles. She has been featured in the very successful Channel 4 show “10 Years Younger” and more recent appearances on “Good Morning Britain” with Lorraine Kelly and “This Morning” with Philip Schofield. In order to guarantee that she gives the best possible care to her patients, she is always researching and testing new methods. Dr. Glancey has become one of the country’s leading hair loss transplant doctors thanks to her extensive training and expertise.

5- FM Hair Restoration Institute

The FM Hair Restoration Institute was founded in 2004 and pioneered modern hair transplant surgery which had help in the improving of the lives of hundreds of patient’s while helping them in regaining their self-confidence. High-quality services are provided by the FM Hair Restoration Institute to its clients, including hair transplants, PRP stem cell therapy, and tablets for hair loss treatment. FM Hair Restoration Institute is proud to have highly skilled hair transplant surgeons who have done tens of thousands of successful surgeries. Several high-profile celebrities and sports stars have benefited from FM Hair Restoration Institute’s hair transplant services. Hair Restoration sophisticated FUE/FUT hair transplantation clinic is located at the Harley Street in London. The overriding goals of the clinic is paying attention to customers’ well-being which aims to help them make the best option for them. Consultations at the hair restoration clinic are simple, while the cost of hair restoration or transplant services are really reasonable.

6- The Hair Clinic – John Bell & Croyden

The Hair Clinic was founded over 27 years ago as a center for Hair Loss treatments inside the famed Royal Warrantied John Bell & Croyden medical store and pharmacy near Harley Street in London’s West End. John Bell & Croyden is a landmark health care store in London with a global reputation for expertise, innovation, exceptional customer service, and high-quality items. The Hair Clinic initially specialized in hair transplants, but has subsequently expanded its expertise to include Trichology (the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and scalp problems; such as female pattern baldness, folliculitis, alopecia areata, hair thinning, and psoriasis). The Hair Clinic boasts of a respected team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals who provide the best advice and treatment to both men and women suffering from hair loss (such as male pattern baldness), poor quality hair growth, and scalp concerns (such as alopecia and psoriasis).

7- Vinci Hair Clinic London

It offers a complete catalogue of hair restoration services, luding FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants, FUT (also known as FUSS or strip) hair transplants, eyebrow transplants, Vinci Max hair transplants and Hair Micropigmentation (MPC). Its London clinics are specifically located on Harley Street and Wigmore Street.

8- Hair Growth Centre

It’s another one of the open options you have in London to perform a hair graft procedure. Backed by excellent surgeons and state-of-the-art medical equipment. On their social networks you can see some procedures done with very good results.

9- Hair Clinic UK

Located in the heart of Harley Street this medical center offers revolutionary solutions for hair loss. Such as: hair graft, regeneration hair treatments and the ATP Advanced Tricho Pigmentation technique. Patients claim to have obtained effective and completely natural results on sight.

10- Medical 4U

It is a clinic that for years has worked in the aesthetic area. Seeking to provide your patients with satisfactory results for their self-esteem, with expert surgeons in the field and with state-of-the-art medical equipment. They also offer treatments for hair regeneration and other services to improve the image.

Now that you have an idea of the best clinical centers for hair transplants in the UK. Start documenting more about what your patients are saying about their experiences. Reviewing the reviews of each medical center on their website and/or social media will give you a better idea of which to choose and why.

But let’s delve into the subject of hair transplantation even more, you have asked yourself: what is the best technique to achieve a successful transplant? Here we explain the most innovative techniques available, and you will have a clearer picture.

FUE Technique

It is one of the most recognized techniques in the market for its efficient and reliable results in patients with alopecia. Better known by its acronym FUE (Follicular Extraction Unit), it is par excellence the transplant that most men perform.

The hair transplant technique FUE is given in three simple steps, first the area to be treated is delimited, this will allow to have an idea of the amount of follicles that are necessary to cover the affected area, the second step is to locate the patient in such a way that his or her donor area (back of the head) as the case may be is fully exposed to start the operation with follicle removal, Here the medical team is responsible for selecting and listing the largest number of follicular units extracted, thus facilitating the final step of hair surgery, there is the opening of channels where each of the follicles previously organized and thinly evaluated will be placed.

DHI or Choi Pen technique

Especially designed for patients with mild alopecia, the DHI or Choi Pen hair transplant technique is itself an instrument used to implant hair follicles. This instrument came to revolutionize the regular form of the implant itself. It is known to have been created in South Korea, specifically at Kyungpook National University.

In short, it is a pen that has made it possible to leave behind traditional instruments for the opening of channels. Its shape was specially designed to fulfill fully the two essential functions that are needed in hair transplantation: the opening of channels in the reception area and the implantation of the follicles removed with care from the donor area.

The surgeon then loads the follicles and inserts them with tweezers into the hole in the pen. And finally they will be inserted into the scalp. This insertion technique, like the other instruments used for this type of surgery, helps to place the hair in the right direction and the step is repeated and again until the unpopulated areas of the hair are covered.

Dare to renew your image, show yourself without penalty and let security be your new companion. Something as simple as our appearance has a great weight on the way others perceive us.

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