Top Five Hair Transplant Clinic in Tijuana

Best hair transplant in Tijuana

Hair transplant is a procedure whereby the hair is taken from one place and transferred to another area lacking hair. This procedure is quite popular, and several clinics offer this service. However, due to its popularity and popularity, there are several sub-standard clinics out there. Hence, when deciding which clinic to use to consider their online presence, it means that the clinic believes in their services to put it out there. Likewise, proof of the previous successful treatment that the clinic has carried out, due to popular demand for this service, it is expected that the clinic has the necessary personnel to meet up with the order etc.

Best hair transplant clinics in Tijuana

These are some of the top hair transplant clinics in Tijuana, Mexico:

1- EasyHairHub

Easy Hair Hub Hair transplant in Mexico

If you are wondering which option is better for your hair transplant in Tijuana, don’t hesitate and choose Easyhairhub. They are a medical tourism facilitator that has selected the best hair clinics in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Tijuana.

They take care of all necessary preparations from start to finish, including a free online consultation with a doctor to evaluate you, where you can ask all the questions you need. They’ll book your flights, hotel, transportation, and everything else necessary for your trip, without any extra cost, and also take care of all follow-up after your hair transplant, guaranteeing you the same price that the clinic offers.

The clinic chosen by EasyHairHub in Tijuana is located a few minutes from the border between Mexico and San Isidro, California, in an area known for its excellent local cuisine. Doctor Jimmy Cortez and his team, who have more than 10 years of experience and are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), are responsible for performing hair surgeries.

2- DHI Mexico

DHI Mexico

It was founded in 1970. it focuses on the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. They are engaged in proffering newer and more efficient techniques in treating and restoring hair. The clinic aims to provide their patients with hair loss with the best possible hair treatment. The ISO and CQC have both certified the DHI Mexico clinic. They also have a training academy where they carry out the training of prospective hair specialists. These trained specialists receive certification upon completion of their training.

They carry out a hair transplant, hair loss treatment, eyebrow restoration, hair loss diagnosis, beard restoration, direct hair implantation and hair prosthesis. These procedures are carried out after the patient’s scalp has been adequately diagnosed to provide the patient with quality treatment. The clinic is known for having quality medical specialists, assisted by nurses of the highest calibre. In addition, the clinic boasts of well-equipped facilities that ensure that they provide their patients with the best possible care.

The DHI Clinic employs the DHI procedure in performing hair transplants. This technique is non-invasive, and it is done without pain and requires no scars or marks, cut and stitches. The method involves the use of a patented implanter.  It better preserves the donor site by performing the extraction manually. The recovery time is cut down. As a result, patients may return to work the very next day. It follows a straightforward process of implanting hair and bypassing the need for holes to insert hair. The cost of their procedure varies following the level of the procedure. The DHI procedure provides its patients with natural results.

3- Hair Medical Restoration

Hair medical restoration

This clinic performs hair transplants in Tijuana. They specialize in the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique which requires no stitches and no pain, and the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also known as strip harvesting. The medical team is made of professionals with the necessary skill in their chosen field and have made the performance of hair transplant into an art. Their procedures are usually flawless.

The clinic proffers solutions for eyebrow alopecia, beard alopecia, scar alopecia and androgenic alopecia. Irrespective of what is at the root of your hair loss, the medical team at Hair Medical Restoration will provide the needed hair transplant procedure to ensure that persons who seek their services are adequately cared for and that whatever problem they bring has a solution. The Hair Medical Restoration facilities are standard and well-equipped, having all the necessary equipment required to perform top-notch hair transplant surgery.

4- Kaloni Clinic


The Kaloni clinic situates in Tijuana, Mexico, is among clinics that perform hair transplants or restoration procedures. The facility is known for being cost-efficient and affordable.

The Kaloni Clinic boasts of a world-class facility that engages in research and development in hair transplantation. The clinic has been around for more than 15 years providing quality service. In the 15 years plus that the clinic has been founded, its level of intensity in providing care for its patient has not dwindled.

The clinic possesses membership in several hair restorations societies, such as the International Society of Hair Restoration. In addition, the clinic performs hair transplants with hair loss such as beards, moustaches, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair transplants. The services of the clinic are tailored to the need and pockets of the patient.

With Kaloni, their procedure produces minimal pain as it makes use of specialized instruments. With this procedure, there is minimal scarring which is not usually evident due to the lack of stitching due to the procedure. The clinic makes use of the FUE technique, and this allows them to makes use of a process that provides the hair follicles with necessary nutrients, the treatments are tailored to a specific individual, and there is an extended follow-up period. In addition, this technique allows them to shave only the donor site.

The patients of this clinic worldwide have had nothing but glowing recommendations and praises for the clinic’s service. They claim that they were not just gifted with their hair but that their overall qualities of life have improved.

5- TJ Hair Clinic

TJ Hair Clinic performs hair transplants without resorting to surgery, and they guarantee their patients natural looks without any signs to show that they had embarked on the procedure. The clinic performs the FUE hair transplant procedure; the clinic offers excellent and quality hair transplants. Their facilities are also well-equipped with the best technologies that the field of hair transplant can boast of. Hair transplant is usually performed by a lead surgeon, a co-lead doctor and about 2-3 nursing practitioners. The clinic uses follicle count, which allows the patient to know the amount of hair they can receive. The use of follicles is also sure to provide the best result. The patient’s preference is taken into consideration for the final look in conjunction with the lead surgeons, and the patient is aided with several sketches of possibilities.

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