Top 10 best hair transplant clinics in Spain

Best hair transplant doctors

Best hair transplant clinics in Spain

10- IT Capilar

This is probably the most prestigious hair transplant clinic in the south of Spain. It’s well known for having a solution to every type of alopecia and for its wide variety of hair transplant procedures. They have several financing and care plans.

9- Medical Graft

Medical Graft is one of the biggest groups of specialists in plastic surgery and hair transplants in Spain. They perform dozens of state-of-the-art hair transplants daily that offer nothing but quality results. This group’s signature characteristic is the quantity and quality of its different treatments carried out by professionals specialized in Trichology and hair transplants.

8- Medical Hair

Other than performing FUE, what sets this clinic apart is a procedure they’ve called “Natural Hairline”, an exclusive Medical Hair technique conceived to create a hairline that follows the particular form of every patient’s head, leading to a natural and completely unnoticeable outcome for the untrained eye. They have a remarkable team of expert surgeons and dermatologists.

7- Dr. Panno

Dr. Panno, head of its eponymous clinic, is a surgeon who specializes in hair plugs and transplants and has a wide experience in different countries. The highlight of this clinic is the surgeon himself, creator of the first Hair Transplant Technicians Academy and recipient of numerous awards.

6- Dr.  Eduardo López Bran

Talking about Dr. Eduardo López Bran’s clinic is talking about a prominent figure in Dermatology, an international reference when it comes to the most advanced hair transplant techniques. This clinic, provided with the best staff and equipment, specializes in hair transplants and follicular micro transplants, and/or hair plugs.

5- Clínica Menorca

The Clínica Menorca’s Hair Unit stands out from other hair clinics thanks to the proven quality and wide variety of baldness, hair loss, alopecia and hair health treatments they offer. One of its signature treatments is the hair micro transplant, capable of fully covering bald areas in a quick and painless procedure.

4- Corporación Capilar Dermatológica

With micro transplant and hair treatment experts, this is one of the most famous hair centers in Spain. In the different clinics located in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, each patient is examined by a specialist to determine the right treatment for every case. Its signature technique is the Hair Bio transplant:  a hair transplant followed by platelet-rich plasma intradermal injections that attempts to obtain lifelong results.

3- Clínicas Capilares IMD

Clínicas Capilares IMD is one of the biggest groups nationwide with 13 clinics that offer hair transplants and treatments for those diagnosed with alopecia. They have 7 clinics in Madrid, 2 in Barcelona and some others in Seville, Murcia and Toledo. They perform hair transplant treatments, laser treatments, VitaX Regeneration, Mesotherapy, hair transdermal bio stimulation, hair micro transplant procedures, hair prosthesis and IMD wig applications.

2- Clínica Planas

It is considered one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Europe. It stands out thanks to its exceptional and skilled medical staff and to its state-of-the-art equipment.

1- Capilclinic

One of the best options for those who are looking for an excellent quality-price ratio. Capilclinic is managed by an extremely seasoned health care team. The clinics, located in Turkey and Spain, are a synonym for excellence to the clients, since they carry out the most innovative techniques and treatments and rely on cutting-edge equipment.

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