Top 5 best hair transplant clinics and doctors in Los Angeles

Best hair transplant Los Angeles

Today, men and women devote special attention to appearance. In fact, so does this new generation; the boom generated by social media has had a greater influence on how we see each other and how others perceive us.

In Los Angeles, citadinos strive to look great at whatever cost. There are countless aesthetic centers that offer any type of procedure dedicated to beautifying your patients. From a nose retouching, breast implants to hair grafts are possible in downtown Los Angeles.

In Hollywood, the greatest nightmare men can expect in the face of the abrupt arrival of maturity is called baldness. These horrific entries are indicative that this matter must be resolved as quickly as possible. Baldness is a disease that begins with progressive hair loss and can occur temporarily or permanently. Among the most common causes are: the inheritance of genetic burden, medical conditions, abrupt hormonal changes or the product of normal aging.

The entertainment and television industry has generated billions thanks to big screen superstars. Actors and actresses are given the task of always looking impeccable for their followers. Their image is everything, and therefore they tend to undergo several surgeries until they get the desired appearance. However, they (men and women of staring) do not escape a disease that is often noticed in the flashes of paparazzi. Show stars often cover it with hairstyles, makeup, hats or scarves. Others prefer to choose one of the treatments available to prevent further hair loss and in turn restore growth: a hair graft.

Best hair transplants clinics and doctors in Los Angeles

In California, there are many hair restoration centers. Among the following:

1. WLA Hair

WLA Hair restoration Los Angeles

It offers aesthetic and hair restoration services. Thanks to art robotic technology ARTAS have been able to effectively reverse alopecia in thousands of patients. In addition, another set of factors play an important role within the surgical process to help you regain your dense hair. The first thing is, sign up for a doctor’s appointment, there you will be attended by an expert surgeon who will guide and accompany you throughout the process. After medical evaluation, they will decide which technique will be best for your specific case. They work with the procedures: Hair grafts with stem cells, PRP Treatment and Robotic Hair Replacement (ARTAS). Finally, you will be taken to the operating room and the change will begin.

2. SAMSON Hair Restoration

Thanks to the technological age, hair grafts became indoloros and safe to eliminate baldness. At this clinic in the heart of Los Angeles, California, they cater to anyone who needs to change their appearance with the help of true hair regeneration experts. Samson Hair Restoration uses the latest in medical cosmetic technology to provide the largest number of effective hair loss services in men and women, such as hair transplantation, transplant scar correction, hairline restoration, follicle unit removal (FUE), among others. Another of the goodness offered by this hair aesthetic center are its small financing plans, ideal for those who seek to successfully achieve hair transplantation without affecting their budget to the maximum.

3. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

In Beverly Hills you will find the most prominent surgeons in hair surgery. Renowned executives, dignitaries and celebrities have passed through this aesthetic center. In search of innovation, they are considered in their locality as pioneers in the restoration of capillary with platelet-rich plasma designed to strengthen and nourish the follicles of the scalp; thus give their patients one of the most advanced solutions to stop hair loss. In addition, they perform hair transplants using the FUE and FUT techniques. With their two headquarters in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills they continue to provide their services under the biosecurity measures necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Hasson and Wong

Leaders in Hair Restoration in Los Angeles

It is another center specialized in hair surgeries run by Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong; that have provided more than 20,000 patients among men and women with dense hair thanks to the most advanced techniques. In their consultations both are dedicated to studying each case and thanks to their inquiries they find the root of the problem of baldness. After this, they analyze the possible solutions and present them to the patient. In the clinic they have the most advanced medical equipment to ensure the success of hair transplantation. The experience and professionalism of both surgeons in the area has accredited them with great recognitions for their counterparts in L.A. and the rest of the world.

5. Hair Restoration Los Angeles Dr. Sean Behnam

Hair Restoration Los Angeles Dr. Sean Behnam

Attended by Dr. Sean Behnam, who works the hair restoration process with the latest techniques in the area for his patients. Among which are: hair restoration, eyebrow transplantation for men and women, FUE transplantation, restoration of striped hair, treatment for male pattern baldness, female hair transplantation, scar review and others. Thanks to their dedication to each surgery, patients are satisfied with the natural aesthetic result.

Knowing what you have in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and other nearby areas with clinics dedicated to hair grafts only has to choose the one you think is most convenient for you.

Since you already have a ranking of the top five clinics in L.A., you’re sure to have a list of questions about the procedure. Therefore, we will give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions asked by those who decide to have a hair graft.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Grafts

Do I have to shave my whole head to have a hair transplant?

Many specialists suggest doing so because that makes the whole session much easier and faster, allowing more follicular units to be transplanted; although they also claim that the patient’s will for them is the first thing.

What will be my appearance after the intervention?

First you will feel a minimum of pain in the donor area, this will give way with the administration of painkillers, and you will have an edema in the donor and recipient areas. In the latter area after three days micrografts will be perceived as small scabs on a red basis. The scabs will be detached with the passage of days, after one week the patient will be able to return to their socio-labor activities without any problem.

Will the new hair grow the same as I already have or can there be difference in textures and color?

The new hair grows the same as we already have, as the donor area used is also on the head. So everything should look the way it is.

In California there are many options, it’s only time to study and compare them. The chances of seeing you in the mirror again with a bulky, dense hair are real.

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