Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in India

Hair transplant in India

In these stressful times, endless worries tend to invade us. Taking care of different tasks is often pressing to find a solution to everything.

Diseases take advantage of the high point of stress in us. Massive hair loss is undoubtedly a disease that does not distinguish in genera. Men and women daily lose a considerable amount of hair without lending it greater importance; until the baldness, the entrances and the round circles manifest and that’s where the alarms go off.

In India, there are many doctors who provide very good results and have many years of experience in hair grafts. Able to provide natural results with the latest techniques in the area of capillary regeneration. To give you a guide to the best existing clinics in India specializing in hair transplants, here’s a ranking you’ll need to review before making the decision to undergo a procedure like this.

Best hair transplants clinics in India

1. Darling Buds Clinic – Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

First, darling Buds Hair Transplant Center is positioned in Chandigarh, dedicated to performing hair grafts with the FUE technique. The clinic works with the endorsement of expert surgeon Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, founder and specialist in the field of hair restoration. Over the years his experience and professionalism have positioned him in India as a must in the field of capillary aesthetics. The costs of hair grafts are the most accessible and the surgeon is supported by a medical staff capable of supporting it at all hours so that the work is a success and the patient is happy with their new appearance.

2. Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Center

Secondly, we recommend: Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Center. It has the most modern equipment to perform any hair grafting procedure. The conception of this clinical center arose with the intention of restoring the body, mind and soul. Away from the chaos of India, is this temple dedicated to freeing you from stress and providing you with a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

As for hair grafts they use different techniques to restore the hair follicles, it all depends on the case and what each patient deserves.

The hair transplant method in Indore is practiced without the need for an incision in the affected area. It is based on the removal of the strands of the hair in conjunction with the roots. This technique is one of the easiest and most comfortable for both the patient and the surgeon, in fact 4 thousand grafts have been transplanted with this type of technique, which is equal to approximately 9 thousand to 10 thousand made of hair in a single session. They also graft beards and eyebrows. They serve under the strict biosecurity measures by the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. Dermadent Clinic

Third, Dermadent Clinic is a comprehensive wellness center. One of them is hair care and restoration. Managed by its founder Dr. Prashant Agrawal, he is the pioneer of the most advanced hair grafting (FUE) technique in Rajasthan with the highest number of successful cases of hair transplantation in his name.

After years of thousands of cases in hair transplants, DermaDent Clinic positioned as one of the state-of-the-art clinics with ultra-modern facilities, techniques and technologies in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Every day they receive patients from different parts of the world with the intention of changing and rejuvenating their appearance, in order to gain their self-confidence again. The testimonies of their patients support the countless success stories.

4. ALCS Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic

Fourthly we have, ALCS Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic. With more than sixteen years of experience in the field of hair restoration. Located in Jaipur this cosmetic clinic offers services for public and foreign people. They are experts in all types of hair transplantation, lapel surgery, scalp tissue expansion and scalp reduction surgery; each involves a specific procedure. ALCS offers hair treatments and grafts at low prices in Jaipur, it’s all up to the surgeon you choose, the method that fits the needs of the alopecia type.

Dr. Sunil Arora is the great brain in this cosmetic and hair care center. With his extensive experience and more than 14 years he has forever changed the lives of more than 50000 happy clients thanks to the success stories in hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery.

5. Derma World Skin Clinic

And finally, to close this count with the top five hair graft clinics in India is: Derma World Skin Clinic, located in the heart of the capital. They offer a range of effective solutions for men such as: medications, therapies, surgeries and laser combs capable of helping to stop hair loss. For women, they also have treatments that in one way or another will help her regain the vitality of her hair.

Another option that is available to stop abrupt hair loss are: Medication, Mesotherapy, or Laser treatment. On the other hand, hair transplants are the most effective solution for baldness in both men and women. Derma World Skin Clinic is highly qualified for this type of surgery, thanks to the latest innovation in equipment technology and a trained staff for the management and special care of their patients. The costs are relative, as the patient needs to be evaluated and subsequently advised on the best option to treat their case of alopecia.

Although we have already given you several clinic options throughout India we know that you should have other doubts about what hair graft surgery entails. Therefore, we were tasked with answering some questions about it.

Should I take any precautionary measures before the operation?

It would be best to stop taking certain medicines two weeks before surgery. Such as: aspirin, omega 3, vitamins, Minoxidil, herbal garlic preparations, Ginkgo Biloba, among others. Similarly, it is not advisable to take some type of pain reliever three days before hair transplantation.

If you are diabetic or if you suffer from blood pressure, your values need to be kept under control before the procedure. If you are a smoker, you need to stop practicing this habit about two weeks early.

Can anyone else donate hair to me?

No, as much as we’d like, it’s something that’s not feasible. Since the body can only accept the follicles of the same person. Surgery works just like any organ transplant, only that the hair itself does not receive immune rejection.

Will I have to take any long-term medication after implantation?

You don’t really need to take any transplanted hair medications, although some specialists recommend it as an alternative to prevent original hair loss.

Every process takes time, you need to know that these surgical procedures take a series of steps for everything to complete successfully. We leave it to you the decision to accept the challenge of changing, for your well-being.

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