Price of the hair transplant in the Crown

Price hair transplant crown

Hair loss is a condition that can affect the average person. However, it only begins to manifest after the teenage years. It could be due to a couple of factors such as your diet, genetics, treatments, or even a disease like cancer.

This condition is known as alopecia, and it can occur at any part of the scalp. As a result, hair falls off the scalp and does not grow back. It could also become thinner or even receding at the hairline.

Baldness at the crown is a common condition in men, especially when they begin nearing their 50’s. The hair around the crown starts to get thinner or fall out. The crown is the area at the top of the head, and it is also known as the vertex.

Typically, capillaries are responsible for carrying nutrients and blood to the hair follicles, which means that they are partly responsible for hair growth. Failure to transport blood and nutrients to the follicles means that the deprived follicles would die off pretty soon.

The vertex is at the extreme part of the head, and the capillaries at this part are relatively smaller than those at the back of our heads. It gives the follicles closer to our necks access to more blood and nutrients and explains why the hair at the back of our heads is usually fuller than the hair at our crown.

A balding crown is caused by the follicles in this area being deprived of the required amount of blood and nutrients needed. It can, however, be fixed, but it is a process that requires skill and precision.

Most clinics use the Follicular Unit Extraction process for crown hair transplants. Here, hair is extracted from any part of the scalp that has a dense supply. The hair is then carefully transplanted into the crown.

For transplants involving the crown, the procedure is a bit more complex. Usually, a whorl is located at the crown area, which helps surgeons decide how the hair would be transplanted. A whorl is a part of the scalp where hair grows in a particular pattern. That pattern can be a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion.

Typically, each scalp contains just one whorl. However, in some cases, there can be two. The duplicity of the whorls makes it relatively harder to carry out a crown transplant. In addition, when there is a duplicate whorl, the transplant process becomes more expensive because of the extra time and dedication that the surgery would require.

The average hair transplant clinic offers numerous packages which contain services that you would require if you are looking to get a capillary graft in your crown. Each package includes several benefits, and you can opt for the one that suits your budget and hair requirements.

Hair transplant in the crown


This service is available to help you analyze your situation. First, you would consult with a surgeon to examine your scalp and diagnose your hair loss cause. Next, the surgeon would go through your medical history and ask you questions about your diet, any treatment you’re undergoing, and the products you may use for your hair.

Several things can cause hair loss, and it is at this stage that these things are determined. The doctor also has to determine the most suitable type of surgery you need for your hair loss.

Pre-Operative Session

Another basic service provided by these clinics is a pre-operative consultation. It is a session you have with your surgeon right before your surgery. You get to ask questions regarding your health, recovery rate, and so on. It is at this stage that your surgeon clarifies all your doubts.

Hair Transplant

It is the hair transplant surgery you originally signed up for. Depending on the clinic you are using, the surgeon could decide to perform Follicular Unit Extraction or a Follicular Unit Transplantation. Bear in mind that one would be more costly than the other; however, they are both guaranteed to be effective.

Post-Operative Session

The average hair transplant clinic offers you a post-operative session. Here, you will be given all the instructions you need to ensure that you do not contract a hair infection. If you also have further questions, you can ask your surgeon during your session.

Top-Notch Hair Wash Session

Great news! The average clinic offers you a top-notch hair wash session after your surgery. Medicated shampoos that would suit your scalp and prevent irritation and itching would be used to wash your hair. In addition, your hair would be delicately washed by experts and given the exclusive treatment it deserves.

The complete packages and their prices include the following

The Basic Package

The basic package is the least expensive. Here, you get the following services.

  • Analytics
  • A pre-operative session
  • Your hair grafting surgery
  • A post-operative session
  • A top-notch hair wash session
  • Accommodation at a very comfortable hotel if you do not reside in the area
  • A driver to convey you to and from your allocated accommodation
  • Treatment to boost your plasma

This package is $2,200 on average. It has everything you need to have a successful hair transplant. It also equips you with everything you need to maintain maximum hygiene and prevent hair infections.

Direct Implantation of Hair Package

Here, you get a couple of exclusive and complete services to ensure you have a successful surgery and an excellent recovery period.

  • A pre-operative session
  • Direct implantation of hair surgery
  • A post-operative session
  • Your first wash, which professionals would conduct
  • A special treatment designed to boost your plasma

This package costs an average of $2,400.

The Semi-Basic Package

This package differs from the basic one because it contains stem cell treatment. The services include the following:

  • Analytics
  • A pre-operative session
  • Hair Transplant session
  • Administered stem cell treatment
  • A post-operative session
  • Accommodation for the duration of the surgery period if you don’t live in the area
  • A driver to convey you to and from your hair transplant clinic
  • Experts would conduct your first hair wash

This package costs an average of $2,800.

In Conclusion

There are various packages, and each one depends on the clinic you have decided to visit for your surgery. Each clinic offers an array of services that are designed to suit your budget and requirements.

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