Top 3 best hair transplant clinics in Barcelona

Best hair transplant clinics in Barcelona

A place that is known for its exceptional soccer events and brilliant architecture by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona is heaven for travelers and fun-seekers. But what if you are seeking a hair transplant clinic in Barcelona? Well, do not worry because in this case, you have many options. Thinning of hair with age or due to some illness may lead to feelings of lack of self-confidence and might also affect your physical appearance. This is why most people seek options like wearing a temporary wig or a hat, and most smarter ones go for having a hair transplant.

Getting a hair transplant is a big step for those who are getting it done for the first time. There are so many concerns that come along, and one may feel afraid as well. Though being afraid is a natural phenomenon when trying something new, poor service clinics for this job can also be accounted for this. Having the right information about the clinics providing high-quality hair transplant services can save you from pouring your money, time, and scalp into scams.

Best hair transplant clinics

Hence we have brought the following list of 3 best hair transplant clinics in Barcelona:

1- CapilClinic UK

Coming with a leading-edge technology that conforms to the international standards of health care, this clinic is known to be the best serving one in Istanbul and the UK. Getting hair transplants were never convenient and of high-quality service, as it is in CapilClinic UK.

They have the best doctors and most experienced staff members who have given hair transplants to many people who come with different hair loss reasons such as alopecia, aging, illnesses like cancer, etc.

They also take high care of the donor area and achieve highly satisfactory results that show up in recipient and donor areas.

2- My Medi Travel

It is Known for their best quality hair transplants in Barcelona, My Medi Travel is a clinic known best for its different hair transplant facilities. They are operating in different areas of the world and at present have a strong reputation in the region. The experienced team is working efficiently in giving their clients the best service and results in hair transplant sessions.

3- Dr Michalis Cirugia Capilar:

Come to Dr. Michalis to get ideal hair restoration services that can give you your luscious hair back with all that volume and shine. The high-quality services and cutting-edge technology they have in their clinic is ideal for having a surety of Barcelona’s best hair transplant. You are not far from enjoying your beautiful thick hair and healthy scalp by having the services of Dr. Michalis in Barcelona.

How Many People Are Getting Hair Transplants?

At this moment, hair transplants are on the rise. Many people tend to lose hair for several reasons, and they dream of getting their luscious hair back. This is when hair transplants serve the need. The male pattern of baldness affects around 50 million men in the US, and many are turning to get surgical processes done to restore the hair.

Through the use of surgery, these hair restoration processes have massively increased around the world, i.e., by 60% from 2014 to 2017.

What Is The Success Rate Of Surgical Hair Restoration Processes?

The success rate of hair transplants is from 10 to 80%. These methods are considered even more successful in bringing back your hair than the over the counter solutions. Around 10 to 80 percent of the hair transplants will row out as healthy, fully grown hair in around 3 to 4 months. This hair may thin over time, just as a regular hairdo.

Is It Safe To Have Hair Transplants?

This procedure is normally safe when it is done by experienced, qualified, and board-certified plastic surgeons. Still, there is a wide range of diversity in the physical reactions and times of healing from individual to individual, and it is never possible to predict the results. Based on this procedure’s success rate, there are many chances that you may end up having a good experience as well.

Different lifespans of hair transplants depend on certain factors like age, lifestyle, and patient hair type. The extent of hair loss plays a good role as well

So now that you know which is the best hair transplant clinic in Barcelona, are you ready to get your hair back through this process?

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