Celebrities With Hair Transplant in the USA (before and after)

Celebrities With Hair Transplant in the USA

It is certainly not news, the rate at which situations termed challenging or insurmountable situations are getting solutions in our current society. With the advancement in our technological expertise over the years, more and more societal issues are becoming null and void on the scale of impossible things. Among these situations are baldness, hair thinning, and areata and its likes, which happen to fall under the same category of hair loss. Although with solutions to this challenge, none seems to have curbed it as permanently as hair transplant operation has done.

Hair transplantation is a hair loss treatment that has gained popularity in recent years due to success stories from patients all around the world. When you consider how long it will last, it becomes even more appealing. This is because hair transplantation is still marketed as the best long-lasting cure to a receding hairline or genetic baldness. Some clinics even give a lifetime warranty to patients who have undergone the procedure.

Hair transplantation is especially efficient at restoring eyebrows, chest hair, eyelashes, beard hairs, and filling scarred bald spots. This technique aims to have the patient’s hair grow in the same direction as it does naturally. It is widely accepted, however, that it has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The essential advantage is the high success rate and assurance of hair growth in previously bald or thinning areas. This process also delivers long-term results since you will not have to worry about losing your transplanted hair after it has been completed. Another significant advantage of this method over others is that the final result is as faultless as it can be, seamlessly merging into the patient’s hair structure. In addition, contrary to widespread assumption, the transplanted hair will not require any further maintenance beyond that needed for naturally grown hair. After the surgical surgery and recovery period, the damaged area can receive the same treatment as the rest of the body.

Hair transplant is for all, and therefore, below are the list of American celebrities that have undergone hair transplant before.

Celebrities With Hair Transplant

Elon Musk

This business magnate is undoubtedly one who has undergone the process of a hair transplant. It would not be an exaggeration to say he would have gone through the process multiple times. Although there has not been any official statement from him to that effect, a comparison of his pictures between 2010 and 2018 would show glaring contrast to support this theory. We speculate he must have needed a FUT hair transplant earlier and then an FUE hair transplant to make up for progressive hair loss on parts of his scalp. He did an excellent job of it, though.

Tom Brady

The American Footballer Tom Brady has not been in the spotlight concerning hair loss or hair transplant, but there was a noticeable recovery from a scale of two hair losses some years back. With his career not having gone through interruptions, he probably underwent an FUE hair transplant with a much quicker recovery time. This changed his look from very noticeable thinning around his edges to a full hair as the American football player went on to top his career tables.

LeBron James

The American basketball player is certainly one who has been on the social media news feed on the issue of hair loss and recovery. His turnaround was quite dramatic as he went from what could be termed a scale of 4 or 5 hair loss on the Norwood scale to having full hair on his head. Although without an official report from him on his sudden dramatic change, we are further convinced that he must have gone through a combination of FUT and FUE hair transplant operations as recent pictures captured slight scarring on the back of his head. This is typical in some cases of people who have had a hair transplant.

Joe Biden

The United States president at the time of this publication, Joe Biden, is believed to have undergone a hair transplant operation. This is apparent as he has a case of hair recession. Nonetheless, over the years, he has managed to keep it at bay. We believe his first FUT hair transplant must have been performed sometime in the 1980s as the results were not as would have been achieved by modern-day hair transplant techniques. He also appears to have had at least one other procedure done with a slight touch-up before the recent elections.

Donald Trump

Like his successor, Donald Trump seems to have undergone a hair transplant procedure at least once in recent years. This speculation is further confirmed by sighting a FUT hair transplant incision/ scar on the back of his head. For the same reasons as mentioned earlier, we believe he must have had this done in the 1980s. Notwithstanding, he has a somewhat unnatural appearance to his hair even though he has fuller hair than a significant percentage of men within his age range. This further suggests an older hair transplant procedure.

Joe Rogan

The American comedian once admitted to performing a hair transplant procedure in 1995. However, he was reportedly not pleased with the results. This can be understood as hair transplant technologies were not yet as advanced as we have today. This left Joe Rogan with a large scar at the back of his head, which is characteristic of a FUT hair transplant operation. Although he also admitted using Minoxidil to slow down the rate of his hair loss, it is believed he went for a corrective procedure for his scale three hair loss sometime later.

Bradley Cooper

The American comedic actor is yet to speak out about the probabilities of having gone through a hair transplant procedure. Although he admitted to his use of Propecia to counter his balding, it is still widely believed that he must have had a hair transplant done around 2008. This is further supported by the fact that a movie released in 2009 showed him with a much fuller hairline. This is indicative of a possible FUE hair transplant procedure.

Elton John

Elton John talked of having received two ineffective and unpleasant FUT hair transplants in his autobiography during the late 1970s, which did not provide the results he had anticipated. He had a final FUE transplant 40 years later and has retained a full head of hair since then, thanks to the usage of Propecia and Rogaine.

Daniel Koek

Daniel Koek suffered from hair thinning for the longest time. At first, he could be seen wearing head dresses and other accessories until he had a transplant at Da Vinci Clinic. His hairline is now normal and laced with thick healthy hair.

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