Top 5 best tipsters in the world

Best tipsters in the world

There’s a little of everything in the betting world. Since the advent of the pandemic, millions of casinos had to forcibly close their doors and leave many people who regularly attended these places in search of fortune and a good time. Against this backing, numerous websites proliferated uncontrolled, online bookmakers made their way to the Internet triumphantly and came to stay.

This new form of gambling went viral and that’s how thousands and thousands of people around the world make use of these platforms to bet and if luck allows it to win. But like every “new world” everything has its name and in this scenario everyone plays a role. Tipsters are the people who offer forecasts of the best bookmakers. They specialize in any sport; from expert forecasters in Scandinavian football to horse tipsters or NBA tipsters.

The world of tipsters is a fully developed market, with a wide range of customers and that surprisingly continues to grow at unimaginable levels. More and more sports lovers continue to bet on enjoying the experience and often enroll in online bookmakers. But first, let’s stop and take a thorough look at the figure of the tipster and what it really represents.

Top 5 tipsters in the world

Now that we’re even clearer about what a tipster is and what he does, we’ll rank the top five tipsters for you to consider when placing a winning bet.

1. D.Parley

D.ParleyIs a Mexican tipster who unleashed this project seven years ago. It is responsible for constantly updating your customer and follower staff with their respective schedules and statistics throughout the day. He’s doing his job! He specializes in sports such as: MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, tennis, Mexican sports and European football.


Casasdeapuestas.comAs its name rightly says it, it is a bookmaker that predicts the full days of the Champions League, also the Copa del Rey and in other sports; about basketball, cycling, the Super Bowl and even events like Eurovision. It offers accurate forecasts and a full offer that in turn are complemented by safe bets. Best of all, no registration is required and is completely free.

3. WinEver

WinEver TipsterThey have earned the reputation of being the ones who place “safe bets”. Thanks to its assertive forecasts of tennis, basketball and football matches.

4. OhMyBet

He considers himself a tipster passionate about professional basketball. Provide advice on key competitions and markets to consider before placing a bet. He is an active collaborator in various famous sports betting channels and this has catapulted him to the fame of this world.

5. Jorge PicksAposMX

He is a very active betting advisor in Mexico. He specializes in tennis and has premium programs for his loyal clients. Apart from that, every month and a half is given the task of opening a free group type so that new bettors know how to work and thus win new clients.

But we really know, what is a tipster?

Basically, it’s about a person who has extensive knowledge in one or more sports, and making winning bets on them. There are different types of tipsters, such as:

  • Professional tipster: This is the person who takes this activity as a job and in turn, studies match results, monitors all kinds of data about the sport itself, teams, their players, etc. All this has a great influence when it comes to making bets and applies them to the results forecast. That’s why tipsters charge for their work.
  • Tipster free: He is the kind of forecaster who launches his predictions for free to make a name for him and of course gain the trust of the faithful gamblers. This will also help you increase the number of followers.
  • Tipster Premium: He’s the one who charges an amount of money a month for his sports forecasting services. There are others that even charge for bundles of units, the bettor makes a subscription and the tipster benefits from it. The unit package will assure you without time, which you will pay for the units you contracted at the time of purchase. The only bad thing about this service is that you will not always get one hundred percent availability to place the bets recommended by the tipster, or otherwise you have to endure losses before reaching those contracted units.
  • Telegram’s tispter: On the Telegram platform you will find channels of tipsters and / or forecasters. But watch out! Not everyone is reliable. Through this instant messaging platform the forecaster will be able to have a more direct deal with the user (bettor). It is advisable to study each telegram betting channel very well and hit the nail on the head with a verifiable and reputable channel.
  • Tipsters specializing in minority markets: In this new world of betting, minority markets offer advantages and disadvantages when forecasting any sporting event. The biggest advantage of the specialized tipster is that the bet house does not have all the information that it does have in the most popular tournaments. In this way, there are often quite a few forecasters specialized in a certain competition and in turn make some profit from it. The other side of the coin is that the flow of money in these markets is usually lower and this makes the maximum amounts to bet on these events also lower. This is how market liquidity marks the volume of bets and because of this it is not easy to get the odds set by the tipster when making their respective forecast.


As you will see, in this world of betting it is essential to be smart, analyze every play and the tipsters know it.

If you want to choose the right tipster, you must take into account a series of parameters that will open your eyes and give you a clearer picture when it comes to making your bets.

Usually the best tipsters are those who handle the most information about the sport in which you bet. So let yourself be guided by those who know the full stage of the sports discipline in which you want to bet and give yourself the opportunity to emerge victorious in each bet. Trust your tipster!

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