Top 3 Best Thrift Stores In Chicago

Best Thrift Stores In Chicago

There are several thrift stores across the world that are supplied with discarded products by individuals or retail establishments alike, and Chicago city has a few of them. The difficulty comes in locating a reputable store that can guarantee both the quality of goods and services. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this post, we delved into some of Chicago’s best thrift stores and identified the top three for you. But, to assist you have a fantastic shopping experience, we’ve also included a bonus on thrift shopping tips—you can’t afford to miss that either.

Top five tips for thrifting, as per my experience

Pick the best day

A day you should look forward to us a discount day. Discount days and seasons are prevalent in thrift stores, so shoppers may get even more for their money.

Find out the store’s shipment day

Stores that accept clothes from retailers may put the goods in the “New Clothing” area or combine them with the old ones. To get the best quality clothing those days. You can simply ask the store manager to provide you with that information.

Look for the best quality possible

One rule for thrift store shopping that might save you time and money is to choose the best quality. When on a budget, we recommend you always consider quality above quantity. Even if the item is only $1, you don’t want to waste your money on a one-time use item.

Take your time to shop

Finding the best clothing necessitates some work on your part. They won’t always jump out at you. Because there are so many options to choose from, and sometimes what you want is likely stuck and buried deep under, you’ll have to take out time and look for it. If however, you’re not sure you’ll have enough time to spend at a thrift store, please do not go because you’ll either end up missing out on you the schedule ahead of you or end up buying items you’ll regret.

Best trip stores in Chicago

1- Kokorokoko

Kokorokoko Thrift Store In Chicago

In addition to trendy vintage items from the 1980s and 1990s, Kokorokoko Vintage now carries a great selection of hip current designer accessories. The boutique, which opened in Chicago’s Wicker Park area in 2009, is owned by Ross Kelly and Sasha Hodges, who have been collecting clothing, accessories, and homewares for years before deciding to create Kokorokoko there.

Because they have so much 2000s and 1980s inspired merchandise, we believe this is a store that should be visited and looked up on. Beautiful hippie earrings woke stickers, pastel chokers, and hats from various manufacturers, as well as vintage clothes coats, may be found here. The employees are also dressed fashionably to complement the store’s design, and they will normally remain out of your way until you require assistance.

This store is fascinating! In contrast to other thrift stores, Kokorokoko Vintage is clean and the items well-organized – as in everything is extremely well-organized and you can quickly and clearly view the products that you might be interested in purchasing. The majority of the things are vintage clothing from the 1920s that are both good and attractive. Its range of jeans and sneakers is particularly impressive. The pricing is fair and reasonable, as is the overall value.

You may visit the Kokorokoko store at 1323 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, or call them at 773.252.6996 for more information. You can also visit their official website at for more information.

2- The Brown Elephant Chicago

The Brown Elephant Chicago

If you are looking for fashionable and everyday vintage wear, home decor, etc., the Brown Elephant Resale Shops Chicago is your plug. Fashion, home decor, and everyday vintage style are all available at Brown Elephant Resale Shops. Brown has everything you need for new clothing, a new wardrobe, a room makeover, or a home renovation.

Unlike in most thrift stores, these large resale shops are immaculately organized and filled with high-quality used apparel and furniture. An average workday at Brown Elephant is full of apparel collections so you can be sure to find some of the latest trends and quality stuff.

The Howard Brown Health Center, a wonderful LGBT organization, receives 100% of the proceeds, so if you’re on the fence about paying a few additional dollars, just do it since you’ll be doing good.

You can locate the store at 3020 N Lincoln Ave, b/t Barry Ave & Greenview Ave in Lakeview, Chicago, IL 60657-4208, or visit their website  @ for further information.

3- Thrift & Thrive Chicago il

Thrift & Thrive Chicago il

Melissa and Joseph founded Thrift & Thrive, which opened in 2011 to respond to the economic issues affecting their neighborhood, which included foreclosures, abandoned stores, and job loss. They wanted to do something about it, and they did.

The store is located at 6025 W Irving Park Rd Chicago, IL 60634. Thrift & Thrive is well recognized not only for the quality of items they supply but also the warm environment they create for their customers. The staff at Thrift & Thrive have been well trained on customer relationships. This is why they are one of Chicago’s most visited thrift stores.

Clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry for both men and women are available at Thrift & Thrive. Other goods for sale include artwork, vintage items, home decor, kitchen items, books and records, toys, and other products of a recreational or educational nature. Customers rave about their clean, high-quality stuff, which is housed in a bright, colorful, and well-organized store, as well as their unmatched customer service. Items donated at Thrift & Thrive means they won’t end up in the landfills, and by adding value to them, it ensures that money is recirculated within the community which makes it stronger economically and makes their neighborhood a better place to live. They believe that through reusing and recycling, individuals will be able to reduce their expenditures, have a higher appreciation for their belongings, and in general, will prosper.

You can call them @ 773-283-1653 for any information.

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