Top 3 Best Tattoo Artists in Houston

Best Tattoo Artists in Houston

The fact remains that every individual has different interests followed up by different levels of enthusiasm in pursuing such interests. Some people are interested in tattoos so much that they go all the way to get the inks on their bodies. While other people don’t want it on their body despite loving it. The point to note is that tattoos are interesting artistic work painted on the skin, and many people adore it.

It’s one of the many ways of expressing passion, success, memory, power, nurturing, strength, and countless other things people have to put across. They are unique, and they tell different stories. That’s why they have to be perfectly done to get a total cap on whatever story needs to be said.

You cannot get a perfect tattoo without an ideal artist. So if you’re from or in Houston and want to identify the top 3 Best tattoo artists in Houston, you’re at the right place. This article would highlight these artists and answer other questions you might have about tattoos or tattooing in Houston. Read on.

Tattoos in Houston

You’ll have heard it many times already, but it can’t be overemphasized how much reverence tattoo drawing has in Houston. Being the home of the global maiden tattoo convention is enough indication that Houston celebrates tattoos as much as it does its artists. Here, many artists worldwide come around to show their works, meet fellow artists, and discuss revolutionary ideas that’ll improve the trajectory of the tattoo industry.

With this as a backdrop, getting your tattoo done here wouldn’t only be remarkable for you, it’ll also position you as one of the many beneficiaries of many skillful artists, some of which are based in the city of Houston. As much as there are artists, you must have your tattoo drawn by the best artists. If you don’t know how to get them, read below.

Top 3 Best Tattoo Artists in Houston

The following are three of the carefully selected and highly ranked tattoo artists in Houston:

1. 3rd Generation Ink

3th Generation Ink

If longevity were the only marker for excellence, 3rd generation ink would top the list because they’ve been around as far back as you can imagine. The good thing is, they don’t get only merit based on their longevity; they also do on expertise that’s been in transition for three generations – Bob Shaw, Larry Shaw, and Larry Shaw II.

Larry Shaw II has thrived significantly in Houston with his skills in Japanese arts, traditional arts, tribal arts, and new school arts. So if you’re hoping to get a top artist for your tattoo, this is one of the skillful guys to reach.

2. Gabriel Bayles

Gabriel is also one of the many ridiculously talented tattoo artists in Houston. Alongside a few other talented artists at Rose and Anchor Tattoo Studio, Gabriel Bayles has consistently been on the forefront in the city regarding tattoos. So he’s an ideal option for you if you need a skillful artist.

3. Nate Beavers

Nate Beavers

Nate Beavers is a tattoo celebrity. His popularity is partly due to his participation in InkMasters TV show, where he’s ranked the 4th best artist while competing with many skillful artists. However, he knows the trade pretty well, and you should not think twice before hiring his services if you need to get a tattoo.

While the cost of getting a tattoo from top-rated artists might be slightly expensive, if you can afford it, you should. Eventually, it’ll be a good decision because their skills and expertise will always show in whatever design they deliver. The following are answers to questions you might have lingering in your mind regarding getting a tattoo.

How Do I Determine if a Tattoo is for me?

Determining whether a tattoo is suitable for you depends on you because there are no wrong or right tattoos. Tattoos are very personal, and people’s perspectives shouldn’t define your tattoo; your perspective should.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Tattoo in Houston?

The minimum charge per hour in Houston for tattoos is $70 and can go as high as $4,000 depending on the tattoo’s size. It’s usually $150 every hour. So the more time it takes to finish the tattoo, the more money you pay.

Can I Cover an Old Tattoo with a New One?

Yes! Cover-ups are a popular aspect of tattoo drawing. It involves a slight alteration to existing tattoos while drawing new ones around or old ones. Although every tattoo is different, the best answer to this question would be to consult your artist.

How Old Can I Get to be Legally Eligible for a Tattoo in Houston?

Given the state’s laws, an individual that’s not 18 is not allowed to get a tattoo. So it would be best if you reached that age restriction to get the tattoo you want.

Do I need to Book an Appointment Before Getting a Tattoo?

Since you already know it’s essential to choose your tattoo artist carefully, it’ll only make sense to book an appointment with the artist. This allows the artist to secure a future date for your tattoo. You’ll be required to pay a deposit of $50 which is part of the payment for the tattoo. Other artists also don’t mind random walk-ins in their studio.

Can I Bring Personal Designs?

Yes! You can use personal designs for your tattoo. While artists have various samples they show clients to choose from; they also accept unique designs. Even for people who don’t have a particular design but know what they want, artists convert their descriptions into images they’ll love.

Can I Get my Tattoo Quote through my Phone or the Internet?

Most tattoo artists don’t give quotes through any of these means. Hence, you’ll need to stop by the studio for proper consultation with your chosen artist and get a quotation for the design. The information you’ll get through the phone might only be hourly charges.

Final Words

Considering everything discussed in this article is crucial for getting a fantastic outcome after getting your tattoo. So ensure you carefully go through it again to make the right decision.

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  1. This blog post showcasing the top three best tattoo artists in Houston is a true testament to the remarkable talent that resides in the city. Each artist featured here brings their unique artistic vision and technical expertise to create awe-inspiring tattoos. The level of skill and attention to detail exhibited by these artists is nothing short of extraordinary. Their ability to translate clients’ ideas into breathtaking works of art is truly commendable. From vibrant color realism to intricate black and gray designs, these artists demonstrate versatility and mastery across various styles. Houston is fortunate to have such gifted individuals who consistently push the boundaries of tattoo art. Thank you for highlighting these exceptional artists and their contributions to the flourishing tattoo culture in Houston!

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