Top Best Tattoo Artists in Chicago

Best Tattoo Artists in Chicago

Down different ages and across multiple cultures, tattoo drawing has been a significant part of human history. Whether plain or elaborate, it has served so many purposes, including the affirmation of love, declaration of hurt or unforgettable loss, a show of religious beliefs, a symbol of status, a show of beauty, amongst several others. It is important for many people, and the cosmopolitan city of Chicago has had a fair share in this history.

As far back as the 30s, records have it that there was a high demand for tattoo drawing in Chicago. Several navy men usually flock around the city to have their skin inked at some of the outlets available at that time. Given this fact, Chicago became home to some of the best tattoo artists with the best tattoo studios in the world. This shows how vital tattoo drawing is and how lucrative it is for artists.

This rich history and culture of tattoo drawing didn’t fade away with time. It is still relevant in present-day Chicago, and the city has done so well to maintain some of the best artists. That’s why this article will examine the top three tattoo artists in Chicago and explain some of the things they do that distinctively set them apart from their competitors. Read on to learn more!

Tattoo Drawing is a Huge Decision

A characteristic that can never be disassociated with a tattoo is its permanence. Although it slightly fades over time, especially when the skin sheds old layers, the inks remain because it is everlasting. Hence, it is crucial to always consider every detail involved in the process, including the design, curves, fine lines, colors, size, etc. If every detail is perfected, tattoos are adorable, but if not, it might be one the individual will live to regret.

One of the most significant ways to avoid an unfortunate experience of tattoo drawing is to choose an artist with the skill needed to get a desirable outcome. For these artists, it should always be about their art proficiency and expertise in the field. Finding this artist is the first step to getting an adorable tattoo.

If you’re in Chicago and want a tattoo, you should know that getting a skillful tattoo artist isn’t as easy as getting a Chicago-style hotdog. But to make this easier for you, as promised, we’ll highlight the top three best tattoo artists in Chicago.

Top 3 Best Tattoo Artists in Chicago

The following are three of the best tattoo artists in Chicago:

1. Patrick Cornolo

With well over two decades of experience and expertise in the artistic expression of tattoo drawing, Patrick Cornolo, the owner and founder of Speakeasy tattoos, happens to be one of the most iconic tattoo artists in the city. With a vast and multi-talented pool of artists drawn from all over the world, Patrick’s Speakeasy has been able to set the pace that other competitors in the city follow.

Located at Eicker Park, Speakeasy tattoos have artists with an outstanding command of geometric styles and adept at pointillism. Once you determine the design you want, you can book an appointment and have your tattoo drawn afterward.

2. Jason Hoodrich

Tattoos are very personal for most people, but they can be a little complicated when submitting a design. That’s why Jason Hoodrich is one of the top-rated artists in Chicago. His organization – Family Tattoo – helps clients substantiate tattoo ideas they describe. They give uniqueness to every tattoo description every client submits.

3. David McNair and Dale Grande

David McNair and Dale Grande are also top-rated artists in Chicago. Their work is evident in the continuity and level of success they’ve brought to The Chicago Tattooing and Piercing Company. This company is one of the oldest tattoo studios in Chicago, and it has produced some of the best tattoo artists in the world, especially these two who have been there for over 40years.

Now that you already know the three of the best tattoo artists in Chicago, the following answers some questions you may have about tattooing in Chicago.

How Much Does Tattoo Drawing Cost in Chicago?

The cost of getting a tattoo in Chicago depends on the artist you’re using. Some artists charge high, some charge low. What’s important is you want to get the value of your money, so you should always consult and determine the artist you want to use before entering any tattoo shop. This cost also depends on the skills of the artists and the area you want to tattoo.

However, regardless of any of the factors mentioned above, the cost of drawing a tattoo in Chicago goes between $80 to $150/hour.

What’s the Age Requirement for Tattoo Drawing in Chicago?

As with the provision of law in Illinois, minors don’t get tattoos. An individual must be 18 years of age to get a tattoo legally.

Is Tattoo Drawing Safe?

Getting a tattoo is safe if and only if it is done by skilled professionals who understand the clinical requirements during and after the process. Despite this, you should ask questions about your artist’s safety measures.

How Much Does It Hurt?

Tattoo drawing isn’t painless. It hurts a bit. But thankfully, with the availability of modern machines, the degree of pain is reduced. The fact remains that pain tolerance differs per individual, but you should expect some discomfort.

What Products Can I Use to Reduce the Pain?

Yes! Clients are offered pain-relieving soap before getting the tattoo. It contains Lidocaine which cleans and relieves the pain as the tattoo is drawn.

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

The timeframe for tattoo healing depends on the body of the individual. But if the artists’ guidelines are strictly followed, the tattoo would heal up in one or two weeks.

Can I go to the Pool after Getting a Tattoo?

No! Every activity that involves swimming is not advised because of the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria that may counteract the outcome of the tattoo.


Once you get the best artist and every safety protocol is adhered to, getting a tattoo might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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