Top 3 best plastic surgeons in the world

best plastic surgeons in the world

Sometimes we wonder if we would be prettier or simply have a better figure or aspect and a lot of people consider going under the knife as an option. Looking ourselves in the mirror can be an internal battle in those days that we find impossible to accept us as we are.

But maybe your case is different and you only want to be as you were before an accident or a difficult illness. That is why we want to introduce you to the 3 best plastic surgeons in the world.

No matter where you live, because everywhere is a solution to your problems, so keep reading to discover all that you need about plastic surgery.

What can plastic surgery do for you?

We live in a world where, unfortunately, appearance matters. Because of that, too many people decide to get operated on in order to change their faces or their bodies.

Every day even more men are willing to get surgery but are especially women who are interested in going under the knife.

Why does this happen? Well, there are too many reasons to have a cosmetic procedure but overall, we can talk about how it helps them to find the confidence that they have lost.

Reasons behind plastic surgery

As we said there are too many reasons to have a cosmetic procedure but it always has to do with self-esteem. This impulse to change ourselves physically might be caused by a confused perception of ourselves or maybe because of the pressure that we feel every day, as it seems that we have to be totally perfect.

The media was traditionally the place where plastic surgery was the main character. However, nowadays we can say that actresses or singers are only the tip of the iceberg when we talk about how people can have influence on others.

With the rise of the Internet, people, and especially teenagers, have influencers as role models. And, even if they are young, almost all of them have had cosmetic procedures, making those procedures seem natural and a daily activity.

Because of that, if you decide to take the steep and get surgery, you have to take into account several factors.

What do you have to consider before get operated

First thing you need is being completely sure that you want to get surgery. Think about the pros and the cons, the side effects, the result, postoperative…. And of course, consider if this decision is going to make you happy or not.

Once you are sure about it, the search for a good professional starts and here is when we talk to you about our 3 best plastic surgeons in the world.

Best plastic surgeons in the world

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos

Alfredo Hoyos has his plastic surgery clinic based in Bogota, Columbia. He specialized in body contouring, being the inventor of various advanced technologies in this field. Examples of this are the High Definition Liposculpture (HDL) and Dynamic Definition Lipoplasty (4D).

These systems have caused a revolution around the globe and are an alternative to the traditional liposuction.

Hoyos also has created the Vaser High Definition Lipoplasty, useful to make a mix of superficial, intermediate and deep fat extraction, that is combined with fat grafting with the objective of helping to produce high muscular definition in both men and women.

So, if you want to improve the aspect of your body contouring legs, arms, face or breast, this doctor has to be your choice.

Dr. Raj Kanodia

Why do you have to choose this doctor? Kanodia is based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles where thousands of stars live. He is well known for his speciality on Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation.

The La La Land Machine is the perfect place to be a plastic surgeon and there he has the crown, and even is known as the ‘Nose King’. For his work, he uses a Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty technique, a cutting edge procedure in which all the incisions are made inside the nose, so scars are not visible.

He is considered the most prestigious doctor by many famous faces in the United States, such as fashion models, actresses or even politicians or members of the Royalty. Due to this reason he is a choice to bear in mind.

Dr. Garth Fisher

Garth Fisher is a real star, as he starred on the famous ABC television series ‘Extreme Makeover’. Not only is he considered a star, but also he is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States.

Similar to our previous doctor, Fisher is an expert and has been consulted by celebrities and fashion icons from every place of the world. In fact, he is the artist behind Oprah Winfrey.

His speciality is aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery on the face and nose, breast and body, being pioneered on ‘The Pinnacle facelift’. But not all his business has to do with surgery, as he has created the DOC Block, a patent-pending sun care collection to preserve and protect the skin.

FAQ about Plastic Surgery

Is plastic surgery indicated only for aesthetic procedures?

Of course, it is not, as plastic surgery is thought to work into two categories. First is about cosmetic procedures but the second variety is about reconstruction.

So, even if the most popular are cosmetic surgeries, there is a world inside reconstructive surgery that is being explored to help people to have a better quality of life.

Why is it called plastic surgery?

We know this kind of procedure with this name because it gets its name from the Greek word ‘plastikos’, which is a malleable or mouldable material.

Examples of what we can consider ‘plastikos’ are the silicones or grafts that are used in this kind of operation.

Will I be young forever getting operated on?

No! Plastic surgery does not stop the aging process so you need to take care of yourself and do not forget that we cannot avoid the passing of the years.

Does plastic surgery leave scars?

Unfortunately, plastic surgery is not scar free already. Even if the doctors have advanced in this field, there are still operations that leave marks forever onto the skin.

But do not worry, because doctors minimize and hide those scars in order to not affect the final result.


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