Top 3 Best Plastic Surgeons in Chicago

Best Plastic Surgeons in Chicago

Everybody appreciates beauty; thus, everyone wants to look better. Plastic surgery is growing increasingly popular today due to the successes it has achieved over the years, and it may be used to treat a wide range of physical problems. Plastic surgery can be used to accomplish facelifts, stomach tucks, liposuction, and many other cosmetic operations. But, whatever is your goal, whether big or small surgery, it is critical that you choose the best plastic surgeons accessible to perform the process.

Let me buttress that anywhere in the world, a rule of thumb is that to obtain plastic surgery, it’s necessary to go with the most credible plastic surgeon. Given the dangers of black-market plastic surgery, including the possibility of death and permanent disfigurement, seeking the service of a professional surgeon is non-negotiable.

Knowing as much as possible about your surgeon and surgery increases your likelihood of a positive outcome; therefore, it calls for a meticulous doctor selection. That is why choosing a surgeon at random from the internet, or any source isn’t a good idea, and that is why you should read this post.

This article is not only for those who stay in Chicago. Instead, for anyone who intends to obtain plastic surgery in Chicago city. This article reviews Chicago’s best top three plastic surgeons, with a detailed explanation of their services. Enjoy the read.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Chicago

1- Elite Body Sculpture

Elite Body Sculpture’s founder, Dr. Aaron Rollins, is known for his work with celebrities. Dr. Rollins is well regarded as a body shaping expert, having conducted tens of thousands of laser liposuction treatments in his professional career thus far.

As a lifelong admirer of art, he studied sculpting and later entered medical school to pursue his goal of bringing art and science together. Dr. Rollins is medically certified from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine, where he furthered his career in medicine. The I.D.E.A. Bronze Medal for medical inventions and the “Great Distinction” medal from McGill University are just a few honors he’s received for his outstanding work.

His affiliations include the American College of Surgeons, the American Board of Laser Surgery, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Society of Liposuction Surgery. In addition, he is a member of the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Notably, he is credited for inventing the AirSculpt method to provide a pain-free procedure to clients. His goal was to develop a fat-reduction approach that would be less invasive, quick, painless, and effective. This cutting-edge technique obliterates the too much time taken for a fat reduction procedure while ensuring that patients are relaxed and comfortable. So far, more than 25,000 people have had the AirSculpt treatment done on them. This proves its credibility.

The innovative AirSculpt method, in contrast to standard liposuction, eliminates fat cell by cell through a freckle-sized incision while tightening the skin at the same time. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There will be no intrusive procedures. Anesthesia will not be administered, and so far, no reported long-term consequences.

You can contact him at the following address for further information and make an appointment:

Location: 60 East Delaware Place Suite 1400, Chicago IL 60611, United States.


2- Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery

Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Horn founded the prestigious Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Horn earned his medical degree from Loyola University in Chicago. He had his first residency in general surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He completed his second residency, as well as his sub-specialist training in plastic surgery at Loyola University. Dr. Horn is a member of several medical professional bodies, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Chicago Society of Plastic Surgeons, as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

He is widely recognized for his expertise in breast augmentation, which he employs to give his patients a more attractive, more defined figure. Aside from facelifts and liposuctions, he offers a wide range of other plastic surgery procedures such as otoplasty, breast lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, nose jobs, blepharoplasty, tummy tucks, etc.

When it comes to breast surgery, Dr. Michael Horn has the knowledge to answer all of your questions and offer the results you’ve been looking for. Dr. Horn takes the time to get to know you and your aspirations for cosmetic surgery and then uses the most appropriate technology and medical procedure to help you reach that vision.

Dr. Michael Horn is best recognized for his exceptional work in breast augmentation surgery. He also provides a wide range of non-invasive procedures, such as BOTOX Cosmetic and laser hair removal and vein treatments. But most importantly, it is Dr. Michael Horn’s unique approach to plastic surgery that sets him apart from the rest in the field.

To find out more about Dr. Horn and his clinic, you can use the following details:

Location: 60 E. Delaware Place, 15th floor, Chicago

Phone: (312) 847-4039


3- Robert D. Galiano, MD

Robert D. Galiano, MD Plastic surgery

The Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Galiano has been working in the city since 2006. Dr. Robert is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial and body aesthetic surgery. In addition to sophisticated reconstructive procedures, such as breast reconstruction and removing scars, he is a pioneering plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructing cancer-related abnormalities.

For nine years, he trained at the acclaimed Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at NYU Medical Center, one of the country’s leading plastic surgery training schools (from 1997 to 2006). Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery was also a part of his extensive training. He specializes in breast surgery, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, mommy makeovers, fat grafting and tummy tucks, as well as surgery following weight loss.

Over the course of his career, Robert D. Galiano has operated on more than 6,000 people, many of them from outside of Chicago. As an artist, he takes great pride in conveying his aesthetic vision through cutting-edge technology. Revision rhinoplasties and revision breast operations are among the many challenging cases he regularly takes on from other doctors.

For more on Robert D. Galiano, MD, or to book an appointment, you can use the following information.

Location: 675 N St Clair St #19, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312.926.4382


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