Top 3 Best Laminate Floor Repair Companies in the UK

Best Laminate Floor Repair Companies in the UK

Given that the floor is the part of a building that is most liable to wear and tear, no matter how durable the flooring materials used are, they can be damaged. Although good maintenance mitigates this damage, it’s inevitable. This applies to laminate flooring because after a while, some issues arise, and if it’s not addressed on time, it might cause total damage to the laminate.

If you come across scuffs, dents, scratches, chips, and any other form of indentation on your laminate flooring, or it’s probably seen its better days, you may lose interest in it. So while replacing it is a good option, have you considered repairing it? Well, if you haven’t, we’re here to tell you repairing it is a good alternative.

Hence, this article will discuss some lingering questions you may have concerning laminate floor repair. Then, while using that as a foundation, the article will build on it to show the top three of the UK’s best laminate floor repair companies.

Why Should You Repair Instead of Replace Laminate Floor?

As you might have guessed, repairing your laminate floor will save you a lot of money both on resources and labor. While replacing it could be the ultimate thing to do, if the damage on your laminate floor isn’t so severe, repairing it is an excellent option.

Are Laminate Floor Repairs Visible?

This highly depends on the technician whose services are hired for the repair. The repair will be undetectable if the repairer is highly skillful and experienced. Whether it’s a crack, chips, scratches, or the laminate floor is poorly installed, a good repairer would fix it such that it’ll look like it was before the damage.

How Long Does Laminate Floor Repair Last

The lifespan of a laminate floor depends on the quality of its installation. The laminate flooring can last for about 20 to 30 years if the quality is high. If the quality of installation is poor, the laminate flooring will last between 10 to 15 years. So provided the repair is done within this time frame, it can last for quite some time.

What are the Most Common Agents or Actions that Damage Laminate Floor?

When you repair your laminate floor, it’s essential you know some things that could damage it. This way, you can maintain and save it from avoidable damages. The following are some of the things that cause damage to laminate floor:

Heavy Drops

If a heavy object carries so much weight is dropped on the laminate floor, it can cause damage that might be difficult to repair. It will either leave a massive hole on it, a crack, or some dents.

Furniture Movement

Sometimes you might need to move some furniture and change the setting of a particular space. If the furniture is dragged instead of carried, this dragging will leave deep gouges on the laminate floor.


If a lot of water constantly spills, or there’s a flood that finds its way into your home or space, then you should know it’s liable to cause damage to your laminate flooring. This is because the water lifts the board, leading to chipping afterwards.

Other Liquid Spills

This includes anything that has liquid properties like juice, wine, coffee and so on. They usually leave nasty stains on the laminate floor, which can lead to some degree of damage.


Yes, pets are lovely companions to have around the home. But they can also contribute damage to your laminate flooring. Pets like dogs and cats with paws can scratch the laminate surface while they are playing around the house.

Bearing all these factors that lead to damage in mind, sometimes some are reversible. So instead of doing a complete overhaul, you might need to repair it. If you’re in the UK and your case fits this category, you need a laminate floor repair company. While it can be challenging to find the best repairers that’ll do an excellent job, we’ve simplified all complexity by finding three of the best which you can choose from.

Top 3 Best Laminate Floor Repair Companies in the UK

The following are three of the best laminate floor companies in the UK:

1. BRS Pro

BRS Pro is a highly rated company in the UK dealing with a wide range of repair services: laminate floor repair. They leverage the expertise of their skilled technicians to give their customers the utmost satisfaction and value for their money. So if you need to repair your laminate floor, they are the best option out of many.


2. Fantastic Services

With a decade long experience in laminate flooring and other services, Fantastic Services is one of the best laminate floor companies in the UK. For whatever type of damage you have on your laminate floor, Fantastic Services have skilled technicians to fix them immediately.


3. The Natural Flooring Company

The Flooring Company is another highly rated laminate floor repair company in the UK. The core of their services satisfies every customer’s demand. The success they’ve recorded over time in this regard has placed them atop as one of the best in the country.


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