The 3 Best Home Renovation Companies in London

Best Home Renovation Companies in London

Renovating your home not only increases its market value but also makes it a more pleasant place to live in by enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re renovating to sell or for comfort, one of the most critical factors in completing a successful home improvement project is the presence of an experienced, dependable, and trustworthy company. You don’t want your home to be messed with.

When selecting a contractor for a home renovation, it is critical that you are familiar with the bare minimum requirements. Because renovation can sometimes be cost-intensive, you want to avoid going above budget. It would help if you had your home renovation on a budget, strictly outlining all you will need and allocating the exact amount for them. You don’t want to spend money on what is not necessary. You don’t have to. But if it becomes essential that you go above budgets, financial institutions are willing to give you a loan for home renovation, as long as you know you can pay it back.

But owing to many renovation companies available on the market, it can be difficult to select the most appropriate one for your project. This can be particularly difficult for Londoners because the city is teeming with legitimate and shady business people who claim to be renovation experts, making it difficult to distinguish between them.

The 3 Best Home Renovation Companies in London

If you hope to get your house renovated or recommend a renovation company to a family or friend, the information on this site will help you. I have prepared for you a quick review of the top 3 home renovation companies you can find in London.


BRSPro Home Renovation

BRSPRO is a leading construction firm in the heart of London. They have become well-known and respected in the London area for their ability to complete high-quality extensions and attic conversions and basements, excavating and reworking entire houses, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

The firm is well-known for helping people improve the quality of their living spaces and creating a welcoming environment. In addition to painting, tile laying, floor covering, and kitchen remodeling, they have the staff and equipment to make the homeowner’s vision a reality. Expertise ranges from architectural and engineering designs to planning new construction projects. Lintels, structural openings, loft conversions, beams, underpinnings, and all kinds of foundations are all part of the residential work.

The firm is fully committed to delivering the best results possible and can handle projects of all sizes for private and public clients and has earned a reputation for dependability and high-quality job delivery.

In addition, they are CHAS Accredited Contractors, proving their skills and compliance in several risk management areas. Working with CHAS-accredited contractors can reduce your company’s exposure to legal liability and reputational harm while also increasing its safety.

Additionally, they have been vetted and insured by FMB and Trustmark Scheme (a government-endorsed standard quality scheme) to ensure that we meet the high standards expected from a Master Builder company. This vetting and inspection process includes building history, credit history, public liability, and employee liability insurance are all part of the vetting process, independent evaluation of the work done by the builder, etc.

Contact details



Tel: +44 750 709 05 07

Address: 12 Green way Bromley, London BR2 8QX, United Kingdom

2.  Building Intelligent Construction

Building intelligent construction home renovation

BIC (Building Intelligent Construction) is a leading home construction and renovation company based in west London committed to efficiency. The firm is approved by the FMB and BBA and is a member of the Trustmark Scheme.

They are regarded as one of the industry’s top project managers due to their proven track record of success. They have also gained the trust of a large number of people in and around London and, for more than a decade, have been working as a trusted general contractor.

With more than a decade of experience in practice, they are experts in residential and commercial conversions and renovations, as well as new construction and additions to existing structures. They provide plumbing and heating services, carpentry and joinery work, painting and decorating, a loft, barn, restoration and conservatory construction, and underpinning services.

Formerly known as Skata Ltd., Building Intelligent Construction was founded in 2005, and since then, have been consistently growing and serving the city and other places efficiently in all forms of renovations, new construction, additions, and project management, consistently providing comprehensive service as well as cutting-edge technological resources.

In summary, Building Intelligent Construction specializes in home renovations, interior design, and conversions, all of which it accomplishes with its in-depth understanding of the London real estate market.

Contact details



Tel: 020 8563 2373

Address: 410 Britannia House | 1-11 Glenthorne Road | W6 0LH | London UK

3.  Proficiency Design and Build


Since its inception, Proficiency Design and Build has been at the forefront of luxury full-service home design and construction in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is; they’ve got the right team of experts who can easily handle it. The firm employs technicians who have the skills and expertise to turn any property into a work of art that reflects the unique vision of each of its clients.

Since 2011, Proficiency ltd has worked with different businesses and primate homeowners to revamp their diverse types of buildings. The construction company focuses on only two services: construction and renovation, with a specialty in loft and extension construction, house renovations, residential Conversions, extensions, renovations, basement Conversions, etc. In addition, as a UK-based company, the firm is a member of the Federation of Master Builders and the Considerate Constructors Scheme, adding to its credibility as a trusted firm.

All residential or office design and construction projects by the company are based on the belief that quality-first craftsmanship is the best way to ensure that clients get the most out of their properties, having worked with homeowners in and beyond London to help them complete construction projects like kitchen extensions, attic conversion, interior design renovation or expansion of their properties, etc.

Contact details



Tel: 020 7435 6231

Address: 31-35 Fortune Green Rd | West Hampstead |NW6 1DU | London UK


There are many other companies that we could add to this list of reviews. However, for the sake of this article, we have restricted ourselves to these three.

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