Top 3 Best French Polishing Companies in the UK

French Polishing Companies in UK

When you see an item of wooden furniture with a glossy appearance, you’re naturally inclined to admire the work that created such a lustrous finish. However, take a step further to contemplate how it’s made, especially when you see a violin or a wooden guitar. You’ll find out that these types of furniture, wooden instruments, or any other wood with a glossy appeal are finished with French polishing.

While it’s time-consuming and requires technique, the outcome shows how worthy the efforts are. So, if you have wooden furniture at home or work, wooden fittings or fixtures, and you want to enhance their beauty, a French polisher is what you need. They’ll not only beautify your wooden fittings and furniture, but they’ll also protect it from avoidable damage.

In this article, we’ll examine French polishing, the benefits of French polishing, and the processes involved. In light of this, we’ll suggest three of the best French polishing companies in the UK you can hire for their services.

What is French Polishing?

In simple terms, French polishing can be described as a method in which countless thin layers of shellac are applied to the floor, musical instruments, and wooden furniture, resulting in a highly smooth and glossy surface. It is the perfect finishing to any wooden surface because it brings out the best color and appeal. But unfortunately, many people believe it’s an intensive process, and that’s why its demand has reduced over the years.

As much as other methods provide similar glossy outcomes on woods, none gives the same quality as French polishing. This is partly due to the process involved and the shellac material. Shellac is a processed resin secreted by lac bugs on forest trees. Once the correct amount is applied, with the perfect hand pressure, its result on the wood is breathtaking.

Benefits of French Polishing

The following are some of the benefits of French polishing:

  • The material used is natural, so it means it last longer.
  • This said material dries off on time.
  • French polishing isn’t prone to wear, cracks, or scratches
  • Its effect compared to other alternatives is eco-friendlier.
  • The color remains the same over a long period.
  • If there’s a need for refixing, the process is usually fast and seamless without any mark of refixing.

The Process Involved in French Polishing

As you’re already aware, the processes involved in French polishing is quite complex, but we’ve simplified it to give you an idea of how it’s done:

1. Preparation

If the wood is bare or open-grained, the first thing done is to smoothen the surface on which the polish is applied. If it’s a wood waxed before, the wax is removed with a paint stripper till it’s bare for polishing.

2. Cleaning

This step is crucial to getting the desired result in French polishing. The reason is that any dust settlement or the littlest imperfection on the surface that’s to be polished will show it’s not cleaned before the polish is applied. So the wood is cleaned.

3. Make the Dabber

The dabber is the tool used to spread the shellac across the wood. It is usually wrapped with cotton and has a core that absorbs. After the dabber is made, the first phase of the polishing begins. First, the shellac is spread over the wood in an overlapping manner till it’s even.

4. Polishing

After the polish is left for some time to dry off, polishing is repeated successively until the best result is created. At this point, there’s no wood grain left, and the surface looks smooth.

5. Cleaning

After the whole procedure, the last polish is applied, and sanding is done before the surface is cleaned once and for all.

Now that you have an idea of what’s involved, you already know that the process is more intense than you can imagine. Hence, you must hire the services of the best professionals. However, you don’t have to look too far as we’ll suggest the top three French polishing companies in the UK.

Top 3 Best French Polishing Companies in the UK

The best French polishing in the UK include the following:

1. BRS Pro

BRS Pro is your one stop shop offering French polishing services in the UK. As there are other companies around, BRS Pro distinguish itself in the combination of traditional and modern methods of French polishing to give customers excellent results. The success they’ve had over the years and their ranking as the best in the UK indicate how far they’ve gone to satisfy every customer’s needs. So you should check them out.


2. Hawthorne French Polishing

Hawthorne French Polishing is another highly rated company in the UK dealing in French polishing. Highly skilled artisans and reliance on modern techniques bring back a traditional appeal to any wood of any size. So if you need to restore any piece of furniture with French polishing, you can trust them.


3. Stuart Munn French Polishing & Wood Flooring

With a traditional method of French polishing, Stuart Munn Ltd enhances the beauty of any wood. They leverage modern technology to showcase their conventional ways of French polishing, a combination of which is an outstanding result for all their customers. They are experienced, and they deal with varieties of furniture.


What is the Use of French Polishing?

French polishing is a finishing technique applied to woods to enhance their natural beauty and preserve the wood for a more extended period.

Is French Polishing Costly?

No! French polishing is cheaper to revive wooden furniture instead of replacing it. However, replacing wooden furniture can strain your finances, so French polishing is a good alternative.

How Long Does French Polishing Last?

Provided the polished furniture is maintained, French polishing can last as long as you can imagine.

Is French Polishing Water-resistant?

French polishing is not waterproof because water can cause lasting damage to it.

Can I French-Polish Myself?

No matter how handy you consider yourself to be, hiring the services of a professional French Polishing company can never be out of place. Their Years of experience and expertise would give you more than desired results.


Now that you know more about French polishing, you can take advantage of it using the services of professionals. It’s a way cheaper option than totally replacing those woods.

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