What Is The Best Country For Hair Transplant

Best countries for a hair transplant

Are you looking for the best hair transplants in the world? It may be a big deal, but no matter how hard you search, you still need some well-researched data about all the best hair transplant countries so that you don’t choose one that does not give you the value for its price. So let’s explore different countries that have the best hair transplant services. You may choose the given or suggested clinics given along each. Get a hint of what services you want and which country suits you best through the following 5 suggestions of countries.

Best countries for hair transplant

1- Mexico

As said by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Mexico is known as one of the most popular countries for getting hair transplants. Mexico has a strong infrastructure of health, and also all these services are at low cost. Mexico is a very popular destination for patients from the US and Canada. People are looking to get their treatments done to come to Mexico if they are also looking for a great spot to spend their holidays. Clinics and doctors in Mexico follow a very strict vetting process to make sure that the patients get only high-quality services. You can visit a great clinic named Capilclinic in Mexico if you are looking for hair transplants that are successful and are also done following all the required steps and stages of this hair transplantation service.

2- Spain

Spain is a highly sought after country for travelling and getting the best medical service. it is known for having many hair transplant clinics from where you can have great medical services at good prices. Patients who are looking for great hair transplants that don’t even cost much can pick Spain as their ideal country. Clinics like Capilclinic, Clinica Bonome, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Clinica Capilae, Madrid, and Clinica Dermitek, Bilbao, Spain are great to get hair transplant services in Spain. You may also find some great traveling spots in this country as it is rather old and is home to a rich culture. Spain will not only be your ideal place for tourism but also to get high-quality hair transplant services.

3- Turkey

If you are thinking of getting hair transplantation services to get the luscious hair back on your head, Turkey may be the best place to head to. Turkey is known as one of the best places for getting services like hair transplants. More than 20,000 travelers visit turkey for getting this treatment of hair transplant. They choose turkey mainly because equality is as great as they would want to have and the costs are also great. For 2K grafts with the FUE hair transplant procedure, you will find prices that start at €1,950 that is nearly 70% less than many great countries for getting hair treatments.

Turkey is a great place for patients looking to have a stay in luxurious hotels and finding competitive treatment packages. Along with all these amenities, Turkey is ideal for most patients because of the historical architecture and the old buildings in the country. Turkey is the home of the world’s most respected doctors for hair transplantation and pant, including Dr. Erdogan and Dr. Cinik. Turkey is no doubt an ideal spot for hair transplant and also for traveling.

4- UK

While a few patients may prefer to travel more for medical treatments, others pick somewhere near their own residence. UK residents can find that it’s useless to ask which country would do for getting a hair transplant as they locally have so many clinics and doctors providing hair transplantation services. The UK has many excellent medical centers that specialize in giving hair restoration and transplant services. The doctors at Skin Follicle Clinic in Birmingham have performed a lot of FUE, FUT, and ARTAS transplants of hair over the past couple of years along with Dr. Soueid.

5- Brasil

If you are in Brazil and happen to get a hair transplant session, then without any doubt you can get the highest services in this country. Along with a rich, soothing culture, you will get so much more such as great medical services and customer satisfaction. You can get some of the ideal doctors for hair transplants such as Dr. Euardo Cabral from Cirurigia Plastica and Dra Angelica Pimenta Dermtologia. These doctors are servicing the region for a long while now and have made a mark in giving the best services for hair transplants. You can also find other options in brazil for hair transplants as this country won’t disappoint you in providing the best services for this cause.

These were a few locations aka countries that are providing ideal hair transplantation services in the world. You can choose your references based on which country suits you the most. You can get a free consultation from most of the doctors suggested above.

Is it safe to have a hair transplantation service?

Though most people often get scared of taking such a big risk of having hair transplantation. But you may be surprised to know that the success rate of hair transplants is from 10 to 80 percent. You will get a healthy lock of hair growing from your head and give you a nourished scalp that does you good in the best way. You must not have hair transplants as they are safe and have been tried on many people already. Make sure you choose the doctors and clinics for this cause that are rated very well from their previous customers.

Now that you know the best countries where you can find the best hair transplant services, are you ready to leap of faith? You must not be thinking of what the process must be but instead focus on the end result. You will start seeing the translated hair just growing in your head just as the normal hairdo. Even if they fall out don’t worry as natural hair fall out as well.

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