The 5 best carboxytherapy clinics in the UK

Best carboxytherapy clinics in the UK

Carboxytherapy is a multi-purpose treatment that involves the injection of carbon dioxide gas into and below the skin to induce rejuvenating effects. This treatment is also known as “carbohydrate therapy.” It is possible to cure stretch marks and skin laxity, in addition to fine lines and wrinkles, by injecting it into the skin, which causes it to have the effect of boosting the creation of collagen and thereby causing it to work. By injecting it below the skin into the body’s fat layers, it can also be utilized to reduce body fat in parts of the body that are resistant to weight loss. Carboxytherapy is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and cellulite. It can also be used to treat and assist reduce stubborn areas of fat on the body, including fat beneath the chin, which is referred to as “submental fat.”

How does carboxytherapy work?

Carboxytherapy is gaining popularity among both males and females as a result of its ability to boost the healing process and be responsible for an increase in collagen formation. Rejuvenating eyelids in this manner is completely risk-free. Following treatment, there is a noticeable improvement in the firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes. In addition to this, the formation of micro vessels contributes to an improvement in blood flow and the skin’s ability to naturally regenerate itself. In addition, all of the alterations and indications of aging are removed, and the contour of the eyes is refined.

Who may be treated with carboxytherapy?

The skin under the eyes is the best place to see the rate in which one has begun to age. It develops wrinkles, dark circles, and bags fast. Patients seeking to improve the appearance of the skin around their eyes can now turn to aesthetic medicine for help with cutting-edge carboxytherapy procedures. Eyelids lack perspiration and sebaceous glands, two essential components of the natural hydrolipid coat. Without this protection, the skin is vulnerable to moisture loss and environmental influences. A small number of capillaries, which regulate circulation, also affect lymphedema and shadow formation. Maintaining youthful-looking under-eye skin is easy with carboxytherapy. Bags under the eyes can be effectively combated using carboxytherapy, a safe treatment that has a wide range of action. It can be used to treat blemishes and dark circles beneath the eyes. The procedure can only be performed by a doctor of aesthetic medicine. Selecting the right clinic is essential if you want high-quality care.

Best carboxytherapy clinics in the UK

1- Fiore Aesthetics

Fiore Aesthetics

They are a team of skin specialists, aesthetic practitioners, and doctors that have worked in the aesthetic and beauty sector for a significant amount of time and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in addition to a high level of expertise. Their team is directed by Flavio, the owner of Fiore, who is known for being both approachable and very professional. He has painstakingly assembled a group of people who share very similar attitudes toward their profession and patients, along with a high qualifying bar and continual education opportunities. Because of this, they have been able to operate well together as a team for the past ten years, during which time they have provided all of their patients with five-star treatments and service, in addition to a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. They take great satisfaction in ensuring that everyone has the impression that they have a place in this world, and they enjoy instilling skin confidence in others so that they may shine. Over the last 12 years, they have built a successful career as a Medical Aesthetic Skin Clinic. They have seen a lot of progress and positive changes in the industry throughout this time, which is the thing that motivates them the most to continue working in the aesthetic industry. During this time, the industry has gone through a lot of changes. Every month, new treatments and approaches are introduced, and they produce the finest possible outcomes. Patients can regain their confidence in their looks and have their skin restored, rebuilt, and rejuvenated at Fiore Aesthetics, where they also provide a wide range of treatments such as carboxytherapy. These treatments are administered by competent medical professionals who are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), including aesthetic practitioners at levels 5-7 and senior skin practitioners with at least 15 years of experience. In addition to facial treatments, body treatments, hair removal, and massages, the private skin laser clinic known as Fiore has a stellar reputation for providing different services to its patients.


Ef Medi Spa

Carboxy Therapy is a new injectable procedure that employs carbon dioxide (CO2) to help minimize the appearance of scars and fade out stretch marks. This treatment is available at EF MEDISPA for both the face and the body. In addition to this, it is an efficient and non-invasive method of removing dark circles from beneath the eyes in London. Carboxy Therapy has a number of other benefits, one of which is targeted fat reduction, in which the therapy works to induce the disposal of fat cells in specific regions. In the clinics, qualified Nurses are the only ones who are allowed to perform the risk-free and highly efficient Carboxy Therapy treatment for both the face and the body. Every treatment is adapted specifically to the patient, so both their experiences and their outcomes may be different. A one-on-one consultation with one of the clinic’s Treatment Coordinators is recommended in order to go over all of the patient’s available treatment choices. Every single member of the staff at EF MEDISPA is committed to providing the highest level of care and ensuring the patients’ well-being at all times. They want to ensure that patients have all of the information and support they require regarding their Carboxy Therapy, both before and after receiving treatment at their clinics. This will enable patients to make an informed choice and get the best possible outcomes from their care. Their aftercare programs and review appointments are individualized to patient’s precise requirements in order to accelerate their healing and improve the outcomes.

Their network of medical spas and clinics offer a warm, inviting, and hygienic environment in which you can receive the surgical and non-surgical therapies of your choosing in a risk-free manner. Patients are given a selection of options for CO2 non-surgical dark circle removal and other concerns, as well as all of the information they require to make an informed decision regarding the therapy that is most appropriate for them. This skilled medical team has been hand-picked with your comfort, care, and safety in mind at every step of the process.

3- Cosmex Clinic

Cosmex clinic

As Cambridgeshire’s most reputable aesthetic skin clinic, Cosmex specializes in all types of non-surgical aesthetic medical procedures and is a leader in the field. Since 2002, the Cosmex Clinic has been a center of excellence with an outstanding reputation that has led to many honors and acknowledgements. The clinic has won multiple prizes for its work in this field. They offer the most cutting-edge cosmetic, medicinal, and skincare procedures to help put a stop to or slow down the aging process while simultaneously giving natural looking results that last. They are a patient-centered team that is led by a registered nurse, and they work hard to combine great experience and knowledge with a courteous, professional, and welcoming demeanor. Every single member of their crew is an expert in their particular area of expertise. They begin their services by doing a medical consultation and examination in order to determine the best course of action to take in order to meet your requirements. They focus on non-surgical or minimally invasive operations and only use the most recent evidence-based technology. Additionally, they invest extensively in the most effective training practices and equipment.

The clinic at Cosmex is discrete, opulent, and enormous, and it is located in a gorgeous building with soaring ceilings and plenty of private parking. They want to personalize the treatment plans of each of their patients in such a way that all parties involved in the patient’s care can meet, discuss, and collaborate on the patient’s progress toward treatment and clinic objectives. Their treatments include injectables like muscle relaxants and dermal fillers, which are used to minimize creases, wrinkles, and laxity in the skin. Non-surgical face lifts, lip augmentation, and the tightening of skin around the eyes (carboxytherapy), neck, decolletage, arms, and hands are some of the procedures that are available. The well-being of Cosmex’s patients is the organization’s first priority. They will only give treatments that use professionally proven, risk-free materials that they are confident will produce the most desirable facial and overall body cosmetic results. Cosmex possesses the necessary professional knowledge, competence, and certifications to address patients’ aesthetic concerns with prescription medications and dermal fillers. This nurse-led clinic is now in its 14th year, and it has been highlighted on BBC1 that the clinic is dedicated to serving patient’s particular requirements while maintaining their dignity and respecting their privacy.

4- Med Fiore Aesthetic Clinic

4. Med Fiore Aesthetic Clinic

The Med Fiore Aesthetic Clinic, which can be found in Hale, Cheshire, is a one-of-a-kind center of excellence in the field of aesthetics. The clinic promises to provide a service that is private and confidential, as well as individualized care and tailored therapies for each and every one of their patients. Because the clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is the independent governing organization in England that governs hospitals, this demonstrates that they have attained very high standards of quality, as well as safety and excellent care. They are pleased to say that their aesthetic clinic is one of the few that has been approved by the CQC. The clinic, which is directed by the surgeon Mr. Giuseppe Fiore, provides the newest generation of non-surgical medical aesthetics treatments and cosmetic procedures for Body Contouring. These procedures include Advanced Vaser Liposuction and Vaser Hi Definition Liposuction. Mr. Giuseppe Fiore is a seasoned consultant surgeon who has worked all over the world and holds a master’s degree in aesthetic surgery. He has more than 20 years of experience working as a surgeon all over the world, and he is recognized as an expert in Advanced Vaser Liposuction, as well as Vaser Mid-Def and High-Def for Body Sculpting. With over 16 years of experience in cosmetic medical operations and thousands of non-surgical procedures under his belt, Mr. Fiore is also famous for his distinctive non-surgical fluid facelift with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections (carboxytherapy). Before going to the United Kingdom, he had a successful career in Milan as the medical director and creator of an aesthetic clinic. Mr. Fiore is a principal Investigator in international clinical studies, and he also has a passion for aesthetics, which he integrates with his profession. He has clinical and research experience on a global scale in a number of countries, including Milan, New York City, Cologne, London, and Manchester, and at the moment he is an investigator of worldwide clinical trials in a number of therapeutic fields, including dermatology. His aesthetic philosophy is based on symmetry, balance, and proportion, with the goal of achieving the most natural-looking results possible. He has a strong interest in developing innovative techniques that make use of toxins and fillers, and he possesses an exceptional level of expertise in these areas.

5- Suffolk Medical Clinic

Suffolk Medical Clinic

Dr. Anthony and Jenny O’Neill, RGN, are a husband-and-wife medical team who have been running the Suffolk Medical Clinic since it first opened in the year 2000. Clients come from all over East Anglia to visit their multi-award-winning clinic because they are committed to delivering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge anti-aging treatments to their patients. The Suffolk Medical Clinic has garnered an exceptional reputation for providing patients with excellent treatments, natural results, and five-star customer attention. The clinic caters each therapy to the specific requirements of each patient. Their primary clinic is located in Boxford, and they also hold once-monthly appointments at satellite clinics in both Woodbridge and Bury St. Edmunds. In Boxford, they carry out all types of cosmetic procedures, including laser and IPL, as well as minor surgical procedures. Since 1999, the team at Suffolk Medical and Beauty Clinic, which is directed by the Doctor and the Nurse, has been offering medical aesthetic treatments and beauty treatments to clients in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex. They take an individual, customer-oriented approach to all of their work. Every one of their medical aesthetic treatments is carried out in an atmosphere that is calm and confidential, and it is staffed by both a doctor and a nurse. They combine the fields of medicine and aesthetics in an effort to provide natural, long-lasting effects that their patients will adore. They are experts in anti-aging treatments such as carboxytherapy, dermal fillers utilizing industry-leading brands such as Juvéderm, anti-wrinkle injections, and Profhilo; advanced skincare treatments utilizing laser IPL; medical chemical peels and microneedling; fat-dissolving injections; and minor cosmetic surgery for unwanted skin lesions. In addition to that, they provide a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge beauty therapy procedures.

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