Top 5 best bottles for breastfed babies

Best breastfed babies

Motherhood is an adventure for every woman. The feeling that another being grows within you is something totally magical. After the baby’s arrival, countless items take up space in the home, from the crib to the bottles are essential for the use of the new family member.

Although the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding as the first option, by circumstances that many of us do not know there are numerous women who find themselves in need of feeding their babies with bottles and formula milk.

This market has a great clientele. Millions of bottles are made daily and become of great help to mothers and fathers. There is an incredible range of bottles on the world market, you find them from the classic (cylindrical) model, the triangular ones and there are others that are a little wider that facilitate their preparation and subsequent cleaning. As you’ll see, there’s one for every baby.

Whether you’re in the sweet wait or already thinking about changing your baby’s bottle to a new one, here are the top five brands to keep lovingly feeding your baby.

Top 5 best bottles for breastfed babies

1. Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottle

In this ranking first figure, Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottle. It is without a doubt one of the best-selling bottles worldwide. It is a bottle with silicone mamila shaped like a natural nipple, ideal for babies who are making a change from formula to formula milk. They have a wide neck design, which facilitates optimal cleaning by hand or in a dishwasher. It is also safe for use in microwaves and sterilizers. It was also intended to avoid discomfort to the baby thanks to its anti-colic vents.

2. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature brand bottles

Secondly, there are the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature brand bottles. They come in a presentation of different colors (blue, pink, among others), they are also perfect for newborn babies thanks to the shape of their nipple that resembles mom’s nipple. BPA-free and has an ergonomic grip for the baby’s little hands. The breast shape of Closer to Nature nipple makes the transition between bottle and chest as fluid as possible, something that is appreciated in the face of the shape of other more conventional nipples. This will take away the nipple-nipple confusion problem that usually occurs in babies who go from breast milk to formula milk.

3. Medela baby bottles

At the last place on the winners’ podium we have the Medela baby bottles. This brand is the most used by mothers, they have presentations available in two sizes: 150 and 250 milliliters. They are completely free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), in turn use size S and M nipples, which are quite easy to get online or in any commercial establishment, in addition they can be dishwasher washed and withstand microwave temperatures.

4. Dr. Brown’s Options Glass Baby Bottles

In fourth place we have Dr. Brown’s Options Glass Baby Bottles. That’s right, to help contribute to environmental sanitation, the world-renowned great brand Dr. Brown’s is back to basics. This wide-necked glass bottle has the full approval of parents and babies everywhere. It is the first convertible bottle on the market that can be used with or without the ventilation system, and is currently available in a glass version that some parents prefer. Featuring five ounces and a nine-ounce presentation, this Dr. Brown bottle features an ergonomic design, easy to fill and hold with a wide neck. The silicone nipple (nipple) has a wider base.

As for the operation of the bottle ventilation system it significantly helps to reduce the number of air bubbles, and together with its silicone nipple makes the intake more controlled so that babies are fed at their natural rate.

5. Philips Avent Natural 4 Ounce Bottle

Last in this list of the top five bottles available on the market for our babies we leave to those of the Philips Avent Natural 4 Ounce Bottle brand. Phillips Avent Natural bottles are a popular choice for parents because they are affordable, easy to clean and many babies have no problems transitioning between the bottle and the chest. In essence, they are the most recommended by parents to achieve the perfect transition between the bottle and the chest.

The nipple in these bottles is breast-shaped and extra flexible, helping your child bounce between the skin and the bottle. Like most bottles on this list, they also have a broad base that helps promote a healthy latch and will help the mother. The anticholic valve helps remove any unwanted gas from feeding, which will help prevent a fussy baby.

In short, and unlike other brands, the best thing about this bottle is that it has a nipple with a very similar hook to Mom’s chest. The nipple is really very soft and flexible. It is BPA-free, designed with a dripping system and is best cleaned easily thanks to its removable parts.

The best-selling model is the four-ounce model, but the line comes in a two-, nine- and eleven-ounce model, as well as two different glass bottles so mom and dad can choose any size or material that works for the family.

As you will see, the options are unlimited if they are bottles. Remember that we must always provide the best for our babies, help them make their food the right one and know how to choose for sure what they need is essential.

Choosing something as simple as a bottle is sometimes a little tricky. We hope that with this list, you can evaluate the needs of your little one (a) and hit the nail with the one you need now. Remember that they grow and as time goes on, their needs change. Everything is in paying special attention to detail; your baby will tell you when it’s time to evolve.

Trust your maternal instinct, research and buy the bottle that generates confidence and tranquility. Don’t get carried away by misleading advertisements. Buy a bottle, try it with your baby and if you see that it works without any problem: zero drownings, zero colic and zero reflux means that you chose the best for your baby.

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