Top 3 Best Bathroom Renovation Company in London

Best Bathroom Renovation Company in London

The truth about all types of renovation is that they come with unique requirements and technicalities. If the renovation would be in the bathroom, for example, a place that must be serene and to your taste, getting a quality job done is much more complex and daunting than you can imagine. With different ideas flowing in your head, DIY may be tricky, so perish the idea. So what do you do in this kind of situation?

You call the professionals that have gained some reputation in renovation works. While many fear they might spend more by outsourcing the services of professional contractors for their bathroom renovation, it isn’t always the case. The reality is that you can choose a professional contractor that’ll give you your money’s worth in bringing your renovation ideas to life without straining your finances.

However, when you decide to hire one, it is crucial to confirm if the contractor has the required license and certification for the job. While a license acquisition doesn’t assure good quality, it indicates that the contractor is cleared to do the job. Hence, if you’re a London resident and wish to hire the perfect company for your bathroom renovation, this article is for you. Here, you’ll get in-depth information about the top 3 best bathroom renovation companies you can consult in London.

Top 3 Bathroom Renovation Company in London

The following are three of the best bathroom renovation professionals in London:


BRSPro Home Renovation

BRS PRO is your best shot in London for hard surface repair, house renovation, and bathroom renovation and repair. With the help of their highly skilled team, BRS PRO has successfully executed repairs and renovation in different areas in London, using their clients’ preferred designs and budgets to create a satisfactory bathroom renovation.

The highly-rated renovation company can carry out both luxurious and standard renovations to your bathroom and can easily work on bathroom repairs. In addition, BRS PRO has different bathroom updates to fit both small and large budgets to ensure every customer enjoys their services without being restricted by cost.

The capability to quickly swing into action distinguishes BRS PRO from its peers. Once your call has been received, the company will send one of their specialists to check out and evaluate your bathroom, after which you will get a quote of what will be needed for the project execution, which will also be in line with your preference.

BRS PRO also takes care of other bathroom-related issues you might be facing, such as bathroom fan repair and installation, shower and bathtub repair, light fixture repair and installation, caulking repair, plumbing leaks, drywall finishing and repair, toilet installation, and repair, and bathroom mirror and vanity installation.

2- Diligent Developers

Diligent Developers

With over 40 years of contracting experience, Diligent Developers is one of the outstanding renovation companies in London. The company has specialists in building, refurbishment, general repairs, maintenance services, and many more. They leverage their specialists’ skills to provide clients with high-quality services at all times, making them a formidable force in the industry.

Hiring Diligent Developers makes your renovation process easier as they don’t only do the fitting, they work on the whole bathroom. They also supply materials for projects, meaning you won’t need another company solely for that, and you can cut costs. And they do this with the highest level of transparency, accountability, and professionalism. As a result, the network of clients they’ve created over time don’t bother about them because they put actions to their words without shortfalls.

Diligent Developers are also renowned for their bathroom design services. They are experts in installing floor plans, product proposals, and elevation designs. The renovation company also makes recommendations for bathroom fittings and has the required experience fitting different types and designs of bathroom furniture.

3- Redbox

Red box bathroom renovations

With an extensive network of well-pleased clients across London and neighboring cities, Red Box has provided local homeowners with professional and first-class services for over two decades. Since the company’s establishment, they’ve worked on the various renovation and installation jobs. Their experience has broadened their knowledge, so they are confident they can give you the right solution to your renovation wishes.

When consulted, the company will present you with an unambiguous no-obligation quote containing renovation ideas, budget, needs, and the duration of the renovation. If you don’t have a bathroom design idea in mind, RED BOX will recommend some to you and cautiously review your preferred choice if you have one already. The company also ensures all boxes get ticked before starting the renovation process. For example, the company ensures that precise measurements are taken before proceeding with the project.

Once an agreement has been reached, the company will allocate a project manager to you and receive the planning document. At the same time, you remain updated throughout the renovation process. With RED BOX, the renovation process is stress-free and straightforward; be it small-scale or large full-scale total bathroom renovation RED BOX makes it simple and enjoyable. The company will manage the renovation process and ensure the right personnel, including the company’s employees and specialist subcontractors like plumbers, electricians, and tilers.

While the company doesn’t deal in bathroom suits and fittings supply, they constantly work directly with different suppliers and even keep a list of their preferred suppliers. Once the client’s requirement becomes known, RED BOX will ensure the client gets the needed purchasing advice and recommendations. Due to the availability of the project manager and project plan, the renovation process will not obstruct your normal schedule. Depending on how much renovation is to be done, the project is completed in one to four weeks.


Getting the best bathroom renovation company isn’t difficult if you look for the right place with authentic information. So if you find yourself here, you should know that you have received the best information on bathroom renovation companies in London. Of course, you can always do a little research to confirm any other doubts about our recommendation. Good luck.

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