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Hair Transplant Before And After in Mexico

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in Mexico

Hair loss is a problem that affects men and women alike. Mexico is par excellence one of the countries where you can successfully perform your hair transplant. In fact, there are several clinics in Mexico City specialized in this hair procedure. Countless patients attest to this and ensure with their testimonies that there is no other country in the world where they will get such magnificent results. Here you will find a useful guide for you to carefully choose the clinic in which you will undergo the hair implant, for this we have carefully conducted an exhaustive research to provide you with the five best clinical centers in Mexico to fulfill your sleep and perform the hair transplant you need. Capilclinic offers a wide variety of hair transplant packages, as well as hair treatments with stem cells, with the most advanced techniques.

Information is everything. Even when we’re looking to know everything to do with a hair graft. With this ranking you will take into account costs of surgery, hospitalization, recovery and postoperative.

It’s no secret to anyone that the experience of performing a hair transplant can be overwhelming for anyone. Each head is a world and not everyone has the courage to undergo a surgical process of this magnitude, so it is essential to put yourself in the best hands, surgeons specialized in the area and who are backed by a good medical team in addition to a clinic where you feel cared for and cared for 100 percent after the operation.

One of the factors that make this experience even more challenging is the expectation of the result. Of the hundred percent of cases, ten percent tend to feel let down because the result they imagined didn’t even come close to the one they devised. That’s why many patients tend to lose faith and money for not giving in to the ideal hair transplant clinic, quite the opposite they end up being a victim of the process and that’s when the psychological factor takes the most strength. They happen to be scamming and let down by bad service. No one wants to lose their money in such a costly procedure, let alone be affected even more emotionally by it.

Given that what we want to achieve is a professional, satisfactory and safe experience, it is necessary to study in advance some essential factors to choose with certainty the hair transplant clinic.

It is best to take a look at the clinics specializing in transplantation and hair treatment and read carefully the testimonies of their patients. If they were really satisfied with the results and find out if it was indeed a positive experience for them. This is how you will be able to discover everything else that involves immersing yourself in a surgical process of this type.

Another important factor to consider is choosing the right surgeon for this cosmetic procedure. Their trajectory, professionalism and commitment are key to giving you the confidence to put yourself in their hands and finally achieve the result you have sought for so long.

Thinking about your comfort we have collected the most complete information about the five hair transplant clinics in Mexico.

Here are the top 5 hair transplant clinics in Mexico

In Mexico City there are numerous clinical centers that offer the hair graft procedure. With professionals trained in the area and excellent facilities to make this transformation a satisfying experience for the patient.

1- CapilClinic Mexico

Headquartered now in Mexico City, this international clinic chain is the most reliable in the entire Mexican territory. Specialist in hair grafting, originating in Europe with the goal of offering its patients the latest hair treatments. Its state-of-the-art facilities and state-of-the-art technology guarantee special care and a unique experience. On the other hand, CapilClinic offers a written lifetime warranty, which will guarantee your money and gives you the assurance that it will be a procedure that will last a lifetime. The satisfaction of patients with the results obtained in the clinic is the best guarantee of the work done in it.

2- Dr EO Clinic

Specialized in the grafting of hair, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes, located in Mexico City. They have the ideal facilities for this type of procedure with trained and continuously trained medical personnel. The cost of the procedure depends on the type of procedure the patient needs. They also have hair mesotherapy and capillary laser services. Although the hair graft is an outpatient procedure in some cases it is necessary if the surgeon requires it a few days of recovery in the clinic to have a closer and continuous observation of the patient’s evolution. In addition, he has Doctor Orozco, recognized specialist in implants, transplants and hair grafts in Mexico, using the techniques of FUSS, DHI, FUE and other complementary treatments. He obtained his certificate in the American Board of Hair Surgery (AB HRS).

3- Kaloni Clinic

Present in several cities in Mexico and other countries such as Colombia, Dominican Republic, Spain, Austria, Brazil and the United States have a super qualified medical team. They make accurate diagnoses and also offer a complete preparation of follicles by square centimeters.

4- Skingroup – Dermoplastik

With minimally invasive hair grafting techniques, Skingroup has made its way in Mexico with quite satisfactory results in its patients. They pay equal attention to each specific case and determine a precise diagnosis and then offer the affected the ideal treatment to end alopecia.

5- Implantica

Clinic specializing in micro hair grafts. Ten years of experience in the medical and aesthetic field support his trajectory, in addition to the guarantee of his services leaving a full satisfaction in each patient. They have qualified personnel and state-of-the-art techniques.

Interesting facts about the capillary graft

As a hair graft is well known, it is a medical procedure in which more hair is added to an area where baldness is present. In many cases specialists in the area often take thicker parts of the scalp and other parts of the body by grafting it into the area needed by the patient.

Another fact that everyone should take into account is that the chances of success can vary from one patient to another. And that’s okay.

The recovery is gradual and in fact, those who perform these procedures tend to return to work within a week.

Turn your life around three hundred and sixty degrees, change your appearance, gain confidence and security in yourself. You’ll see life will smile back on you.

Best hair transplant clinics in Barcelona

Top 3 best hair transplant clinics in Barcelona

A place that is known for its exceptional soccer events and brilliant architecture by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona is heaven for travelers and fun-seekers. But what if you are seeking a hair transplant clinic in Barcelona? Well, do not worry because in this case, you have many options. Thinning of hair with age or due to some illness may lead to feelings of lack of self-confidence and might also affect your physical appearance. This is why most people seek options like wearing a temporary wig or a hat, and most smarter ones go for having a hair transplant.

Getting a hair transplant is a big step for those who are getting it done for the first time. There are so many concerns that come along, and one may feel afraid as well. Though being afraid is a natural phenomenon when trying something new, poor service clinics for this job can also be accounted for this. Having the right information about the clinics providing high-quality hair transplant services can save you from pouring your money, time, and scalp into scams.

Best hair transplant clinics

Hence we have brought the following list of 3 best hair transplant clinics in Barcelona:

1- CapilClinic UK

Coming with a leading-edge technology that conforms to the international standards of health care, this clinic is known to be the best serving one in Istanbul and the UK. Getting hair transplants were never convenient and of high-quality service, as it is in CapilClinic UK.

They have the best doctors and most experienced staff members who have given hair transplants to many people who come with different hair loss reasons such as alopecia, aging, illnesses like cancer, etc.

They also take high care of the donor area and achieve highly satisfactory results that show up in recipient and donor areas.

2- My Medi Travel

It is Known for their best quality hair transplants in Barcelona, My Medi Travel is a clinic known best for its different hair transplant facilities. They are operating in different areas of the world and at present have a strong reputation in the region. The experienced team is working efficiently in giving their clients the best service and results in hair transplant sessions.

3- Dr Michalis Cirugia Capilar:

Come to Dr. Michalis to get ideal hair restoration services that can give you your luscious hair back with all that volume and shine. The high-quality services and cutting-edge technology they have in their clinic is ideal for having a surety of Barcelona’s best hair transplant. You are not far from enjoying your beautiful thick hair and healthy scalp by having the services of Dr. Michalis in Barcelona.

How Many People Are Getting Hair Transplants?

At this moment, hair transplants are on the rise. Many people tend to lose hair for several reasons, and they dream of getting their luscious hair back. This is when hair transplants serve the need. The male pattern of baldness affects around 50 million men in the US, and many are turning to get surgical processes done to restore the hair.

Through the use of surgery, these hair restoration processes have massively increased around the world, i.e., by 60% from 2014 to 2017.

What Is The Success Rate Of Surgical Hair Restoration Processes?

The success rate of hair transplants is from 10 to 80%. These methods are considered even more successful in bringing back your hair than the over the counter solutions. Around 10 to 80 percent of the hair transplants will row out as healthy, fully grown hair in around 3 to 4 months. This hair may thin over time, just as a regular hairdo.

Is It Safe To Have Hair Transplants?

This procedure is normally safe when it is done by experienced, qualified, and board-certified plastic surgeons. Still, there is a wide range of diversity in the physical reactions and times of healing from individual to individual, and it is never possible to predict the results. Based on this procedure’s success rate, there are many chances that you may end up having a good experience as well.

Different lifespans of hair transplants depend on certain factors like age, lifestyle, and patient hair type. The extent of hair loss plays a good role as well

So now that you know which is the best hair transplant clinic in Barcelona, are you ready to get your hair back through this process?

Best hair transplant doctors

Top 10 best hair transplant clinics in Spain

Best hair transplant clinics in Spain

10- IT Capilar

This is probably the most prestigious hair transplant clinic in the south of Spain. It’s well known for having a solution to every type of alopecia and for its wide variety of hair transplant procedures. They have several financing and care plans.

9- Medical Graft

Medical Graft is one of the biggest groups of specialists in plastic surgery and hair transplants in Spain. They perform dozens of state-of-the-art hair transplants daily that offer nothing but quality results. This group’s signature characteristic is the quantity and quality of its different treatments carried out by professionals specialized in Trichology and hair transplants.

8- Medical Hair

Other than performing FUE, what sets this clinic apart is a procedure they’ve called “Natural Hairline”, an exclusive Medical Hair technique conceived to create a hairline that follows the particular form of every patient’s head, leading to a natural and completely unnoticeable outcome for the untrained eye. They have a remarkable team of expert surgeons and dermatologists.

7- Dr. Panno

Dr. Panno, head of its eponymous clinic, is a surgeon who specializes in hair plugs and transplants and has a wide experience in different countries. The highlight of this clinic is the surgeon himself, creator of the first Hair Transplant Technicians Academy and recipient of numerous awards.

6- Dr.  Eduardo López Bran

Talking about Dr. Eduardo López Bran’s clinic is talking about a prominent figure in Dermatology, an international reference when it comes to the most advanced hair transplant techniques. This clinic, provided with the best staff and equipment, specializes in hair transplants and follicular micro transplants, and/or hair plugs.

5- Clínica Menorca

The Clínica Menorca’s Hair Unit stands out from other hair clinics thanks to the proven quality and wide variety of baldness, hair loss, alopecia and hair health treatments they offer. One of its signature treatments is the hair micro transplant, capable of fully covering bald areas in a quick and painless procedure.

4- Corporación Capilar Dermatológica

With micro transplant and hair treatment experts, this is one of the most famous hair centers in Spain. In the different clinics located in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, each patient is examined by a specialist to determine the right treatment for every case. Its signature technique is the Hair Bio transplant:  a hair transplant followed by platelet-rich plasma intradermal injections that attempts to obtain lifelong results.

3- Clínicas Capilares IMD

Clínicas Capilares IMD is one of the biggest groups nationwide with 13 clinics that offer hair transplants and treatments for those diagnosed with alopecia. They have 7 clinics in Madrid, 2 in Barcelona and some others in Seville, Murcia and Toledo. They perform hair transplant treatments, laser treatments, VitaX Regeneration, Mesotherapy, hair transdermal bio stimulation, hair micro transplant procedures, hair prosthesis and IMD wig applications.

2- Clínica Planas

It is considered one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Europe. It stands out thanks to its exceptional and skilled medical staff and to its state-of-the-art equipment.

1- Capilclinic

One of the best options for those who are looking for an excellent quality-price ratio. Capilclinic is managed by an extremely seasoned health care team. The clinics, located in Turkey and Spain, are a synonym for excellence to the clients, since they carry out the most innovative techniques and treatments and rely on cutting-edge equipment.