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Best hair tranplant clinics

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics for women

Women by nature are flirtatious; strive as much as possible to look attractive, beautiful and presentable to everyone’s eyes. Therefore, every woman’s mane is one of the best accessories that make it stand out: its color, texture, volume and brightness are of great importance to women. But it’s not all pink; Women’s hair has a latent enemy who is a sooner or later arrives to make their own. This is alopecia, among women it is a rather sensitive subject, so many prefer to shut it up and to some extent hide it.

The aesthetics and medicine industry have tried to offer solutions to stop hair loss and also to try to end baldness in women. There are hair treatments, anti-fall treatments and other solutions that many females have used without obtaining a lasting result. CapilClinic Clinic Center is the most innovative solution on the market for successful hair transplants and ending alopecia, with multiple branches around the world, already in Madrid, Mexico, Turkey, the United States or the United Kingdom. There you will safely get a CapilClinic center; his extensive track record and experience have made him the pioneering capillary center in this aesthetic branch, his medical team, first and second class facilities prove his success in all its subsidiaries. Thanks to these thousands of women and men have managed to recover their abundant hair, shine and strength.

However, there are other specialized centres that have also made a name for the most important, for their professionalism and attention. Here we will tell you five additional options that you can consult to have a hair transplant, with absolute success.

5 best hair transplant clinics for women

1- CapilClinic Uk

With a presence in the world’s major cities, CapilClinic has positioned itself as the most innovative clinic to treat alopecia in women and men. Whether you’re in Turkey, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom or the United States; accounts in all these countries with a CapilClinic headquarters, where they will serve you perfectly. In any of these clinics you will have an analysis and previous interview, to attend to the root of the problem, and it will be the surgeon who will tell you what is the best solution, faster and more effective for your problem of female baldness. With state-of-the-art equipment you will be subjected to any type of hair surgery on an outpatient basis, with little pain, and you will be able to resume your activities in a matter of hours. The medical team is the most prepared to treat cases of alopecia in women and will guide you through this process with the greatest seriousness and professionalism. The results will surprise you.

2- Dr Cinik Hospital – Hair Transplant Istanbul

Based in Turkey, Dr. Cinik Hospital gives women around the world the chance to regain their abundant mane. With specialized professionals such as: Dr. Emrah Cinik, Dr. Erol Burut and Dr. Hasan Yesilkayali, thousands of women enter their facilities confident that they will get the ultimate solution for baldness and leave behind a grey past.

The first thing they tend to perform is a blood test to the patient, so that the root of the problem can be determined with certainty, after having an answer from where and why the surgeon offers clear and effective alternatives for alopecia.

If the answer is indeed to perform a hair graft on the woman, there is no need to be overwhelmed. It is a fairly simple procedure, in short you will undergo minimal outpatient surgery, little painful and that will allow you to return to your daily activities without any problem. The clinic facilities and staff attention make the experience more enjoyable. You will feel cared for, cared for and protected.

3- Dr. Pedraz – Specialist in hair transplantation and aesthetics / Spain

On the other side of the continent, specifically in Madrid is a specialist of great renown in the world of aesthetic medicine. This is Dr Javier Pedraz Muñoz, specialist in hair surgery and aesthetic medicine; with extreme vocation and attention to each case, the surgeon has earned a good reputation among his patients. Those who blindly trust him and claim to be pleased with the results they obtained after their surgeries. In Spain, alopecia affects between five and ten percent of women, a rather worrying figure that leaves a rather delicate problem to be averse. Ladies are often affected by so-called androgenetic and telogenetic alopecia; caused by stress, poor diet and hormonal changes.

Dr. Pedraz’s clinic offers excellent prices and the ideal facilities to undergo any type of hair transplant: hair graft, capillary plasma, capillary surgery, among others.

4- DrEO Clinic – Mexico

In Mexico City there is an excellent new option for women who want to put a brake on hair loss. This is the DrEO Clinic, with a staff of professional surgeons, nurses and a world-class facility are the most suitable to attend to your case of alopecia. Women need a more humane and professional treatment, where they feel listened to and above all cared for, here in this clinic they do and that is why the women come back. They offer eyebrow grafting, eyelashes, hair transplantation for women and men; in addition to other medical treatments.

One of the hair services that women tend to perform within the clinical center is hair mesotherapy, it is a treatment used to slow hair loss and in turn obtain the necessary nutrients for the hair and finally regain its vitality. Another preferred by females is the hair laser, because it significantly improves the quality and quantity of hair, thanks to this technique the scalp is stimulated and manages to reactivate growth; therefore effectively curbs hair loss.

5- FoundHair – Miami/New York

Another clinic we can recommend blindly is located in the United States, running two locations in Miami and New York. It’s called Foundation For Hair Restoration, the best clinic in the U.S. for women’s hair replacement in Miami, Florida. Able to restore hair with hair graft surgery. They also have the Women’s Center for Hair Loss, created to provide complete diagnoses and offer surgical and medical therapies; such as laser light therapy, platelet-rich plasma and autolomatic fat therapies. They also offer funded packages, tailored to your budget.

What recommendations should I consider after a female hair graft?

Postoperative care is a key part of having undergone a hair transplant. Therefore you have to have certain considerations, which complying with strictness will help you to finally see the desired results.

First, you should be extremely careful when washing hair, it should be done only when it is extremely necessary, it is advisable to do it with warm water, proceed to apply the shampoo on your hands and perform very gentle movements on the whole scalp.

Secondly, avoid the sun at all costs. Just as you read, it’s best not to expose yourself to the sun for at least the first three months of surgery.

Third, it is advisable to rest and not attempt to make great physical efforts. Therefore, it is not recommended performing sport in order to avoid sweating in the implanted area. After two weeks of surgery, you’ll be able to resume physical exercise again. After the month, you’ll return to the gym to your intense physical routine.

Finally, avoid bathing in swimming pools and beaches. Remember that the treated area is still sensitive and has mini wounds that are prone to any type of infection. There’ll be time to go tanning, working out and more. Everything has its time; the important thing is not to put aside the care, your mane will thank you!

Best hair transplant clinics in USA

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in USA

The United States is a country of opportunity, of change and where dreams are most attainable. On the aesthetic side, it has thousands of specialized centers to help with new techniques the changes that hundreds of patients crave to make.

The interest of men and women to look good is common in this new century. Feeling good goes beyond going to a gym, doing a diet, being physically well-proportioned, among other aspects that make anyone interesting and attractive.

The effect of social media has had a great effect on young people and adults who have been concerned about looking better in their multimedia profiles.

That’s where the world of aesthetics has gained overwhelming strength. Aesthetic centers, beauty centers, surgical institutes, and medical centers in general have gained numerous customers in the U.S.

Several studies confirm this, mostly American women are the most likely to suffer from alopecia. Although it seems hard to believe, it is the female population that is most affected by it. Many don’t even dare talk about it. They feel they could be rejected. For this reason, they tend to hide it under scarves or other hair accessories.

It is well known that millions of people around the world make a significant economic investment trying to stop hair loss and/or restore lost hair. In many cases, these treatments don’t work and become a complete waste of money.

Here are the top 5 best hair transplant clinics in the USA

1- Capilclinic

The list of surgical procedures in medical centers is quite extensive. Specialized centers such as CapilClinic US perform hair grafts for ladies and gentlemen. They are leaders in hair transplants, have world-class facilities, advanced medical equipment and a team of surgeons specialized in the field of aesthetics.

2- Houston Hair Transplant Center

The second option in the United States to perform a successful hair graft is the Houston Hair Transplant Center, run by Dr. Goran Jezic, offers everything related to the restoration of hair follicles. In this place they use the FUE technique.

In terms of costs, we can say that they are quite reasonable compared to other specialized centers. They ensure that they do not charge for the consultation and their prices are all-inclusive. They also offer funding plans to make hair transplant surgery possible always respecting the patient’s budget.

3- Care4Hair

For our third recommendation of specialized hair transplant clinics, we will head to the Miami area. Care4Hair is a medical center specialized in hair grafting and employs the most innovative techniques and tools for hair restoration currently available.

With the Neograft technique, perfectly natural results are created. Grafts are placed in a way that looks totally natural. Once these hair follicles are transplanted into the objective areas, they will remain in place permanently. They also offer several hair restoration options for patients suffering from hair loss, for example: Hairline Restoration, Body Hair Transplantation, Ethnic Hair Transplantation, Eyebrow Hair Transplantation, Facial Hair Transplantation, among others.

In the clinic, the cost of capillary grafting depends on the patient’s case and the area to regenerate. It is not really possible to determine an estimate of the cost per graft without a personal evaluation with one of your specialists.

All procedures are performed by certified surgeons, in conjunction with a team of specialists highly trained in hair restoration techniques. At Care4Hair they work together to make their patients feel comfortable and safe, and finally have a rewarding experience.

4- Hair Transplant Institute Miami

Another recommendation that ranks fourth among our top five hair graft clinics on North American soil is: Hair Transplant Institute Miami. Specialized exclusively in hair transplantation for men and women. Surgeons, physicians Bernard Nusbaum and Paul Rose, bring their 25 years of experience in follicular transplantation practice.

At Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, they care about giving each patient thicker, more natural hair. They have a fairly complete workforce of workers: surgeons, doctors, nurses and the rest of the staff.

5- Nu-Hart Hair Clinics

And last but not least, we closed this top 5 with Nu-Hart Hair Clinics. With over 25 years of experience in hair restoration, Nu/Hart, this medical center offers a definitive solution to hair loss. For more than 25 years they have served athletes and celebrities. Those who have made it clear that the results behind hair grafts have been formidable.

They help each patient with an accurate diagnosis and provide different options to change their appearance and recover their image, with amazing results. They also offer a range of products, so your patients can reduce or stop hair loss or speed recovery time after a hair transplant procedure.

As you will see, from north to south or east to west; across the country you’ll get many clinics that will help you end baldness thanks to hair grafts.

However, the best thing in these cases is to investigate. Finding the clinic with state-of-the-art medical equipment, qualified and committed surgeons, plus all of these fit your budget will always be the right choice for you and your well-being.

At what age should I have a hair transplant?

The best age to have a hair transplant is when you see an abrupt amount of hair lost. That’s when you need to act and contact a specialist doctor to help you analyze the causes and origin of alopecia and together determine whether the operation is necessary or not.

In short, the minimum age for treatment in men is usually at 25 or 27 years of age, for women it is a few years later; that is, from 30 or 32.

As you can see, we should always pay special attention to our bodies. Every pain and discomfort our body expresses to us is a call for attention.

This list is an excellent guide for you to study the possibilities and have options to choose from. Keep in mind that you need to know the whole picture, study the pros and cons of each clinic and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Get down to business and enjoy your hair again, renew yourself and stop hiding behind that cap!

best hair transplant clinics in UK

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in UK

Improving appearance is a complex issue these days. The fact of wanting to be pleasing to the eye is certainly a factor that puts pressure on each of us. Let’s face it, we want to stand out, feel safe and comfortable with how we look, what we wear, what we project. It’s a matter of trust and where self-esteem is fundamental to winning.

Men and women for years have sought an effective solution to alopecia. Many are the factors that cause hair loss, daily we are exposed to high levels of stress, infections, exposure to toxic, we experience anxiety crises, nutritional imbalance and this causes sudden hair loss.

On the other hand, although it may seem incredible, alopecia is itself an autoimmune disease that essentially occurs when the individual’s immune system attacks and destroys by mistake the healthy hair follicles of the scalp and is itself influenced by the genetics family. That is, if in the family history any member suffered from early hair loss it is highly likely that you will also suffer from it. What we call genetic predisposition.

At CapilClinic UK we are ready to give you the result you have wanted so much to improve your image. With top-notch medical professionals, a modern, state-of-the-art medical facility is without a doubt the ideal place for a successful hair transplant in London.

Statistics do not lie and the United Kingdom does not escape this problem. Recent studies indicate that eight of the ten baldest countries in the world are in Europe. The problem of hair loss begins to manifest from the age of 25, when one in four men begins to see a significant amount of hair disappear.

Unlike other eras, the methods in which hair loss is worked have changed by far. Technology has revolutionized this aesthetic medical area and given it amazing tools to make changes less difficult and of course nothing painful for the patient.

Thanks to the advancement of science, the medical community has managed to take hair grafting to another level. The procedures are safe, and it is possible to completely repopulate the scalp without pain, in a few hours and at very affordable prices available to almost everyone.

We know that it is of great importance to do a previous study before making the decision to have a hair graft. In the UK there are a lot of options for this, that’s why we have done research for your comfort, and we have the best five hair transplant clinics across the United Kingdom. Notes!

List of the top five hair transplant clinics in the UK

1- CapilClinic UK

CapilClinic UK is the leading hair transplant clinic in London. It has the most modern facilities and advanced technology. In addition, it has special packages to provide cost options accessible to all its patients. Its success in part is due to the presence of a renowned surgeon specializing in this aesthetic area. The genius of his results in hair transplants has made him stand out especially when it comes to the sapphire technique (FUE). A graduate of the University of Leicester, his career has led him to work in the UK’s leading hospitals. More than a hundred successfully operated patients around the world attest to their excellent work.

2- Vinci Hair Clinic London

It offers a complete catalogue of hair restoration services, luding FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants, FUT (also known as FUSS or strip) hair transplants, eyebrow transplants, Vinci Max hair transplants and Hair Micropigmentation (MPC). Its London clinics are specifically located on Harley Street and Wigmore Street.

3- Hair Growth Centre

It’s another one of the open options you have in London to perform a hair graft procedure. Backed by excellent surgeons and state-of-the-art medical equipment. On their social networks you can see some procedures done with very good results.

4- Hair Clinic UK

Located in the heart of Harley Street this medical center offers revolutionary solutions for hair loss. Such as: hair graft, regeneration hair treatments and the ATP Advanced Tricho Pigmentation technique. Patients claim to have obtained effective and completely natural results on sight.

5- Medical 4U

It is a clinic that for years has worked in the aesthetic area. Seeking to provide your patients with satisfactory results for their self-esteem, with expert surgeons in the field and with state-of-the-art medical equipment. They also offer treatments for hair regeneration and other services to improve the image.

Now that you have an idea of the best clinical centers for hair transplants in the UK. Start documenting more about what your patients are saying about their experiences. Reviewing the reviews of each medical center on their website and/or social media will give you a better idea of which to choose and why.

But let’s delve into the subject of hair transplantation even more, you have asked yourself: what is the best technique to achieve a successful transplant? Here we explain the most innovative techniques available, and you will have a clearer picture.

FUE Technique

It is one of the most recognized techniques in the market for its efficient and reliable results in patients with alopecia. Better known by its acronym FUE (Follicular Extraction Unit), it is par excellence the transplant that most men perform.

The hair transplant technique FUE is given in three simple steps, first the area to be treated is delimited, this will allow to have an idea of the amount of follicles that are necessary to cover the affected area, the second step is to locate the patient in such a way that his or her donor area (back of the head) as the case may be is fully exposed to start the operation with follicle removal, Here the medical team is responsible for selecting and listing the largest number of follicular units extracted, thus facilitating the final step of hair surgery, there is the opening of channels where each of the follicles previously organized and thinly evaluated will be placed.

DHI or Choi Pen technique

Especially designed for patients with mild alopecia, the DHI or Choi Pen hair transplant technique is itself an instrument used to implant hair follicles. This instrument came to revolutionize the regular form of the implant itself. It is known to have been created in South Korea, specifically at Kyungpook National University.

In short, it is a pen that has made it possible to leave behind traditional instruments for the opening of channels. Its shape was specially designed to fulfill fully the two essential functions that are needed in hair transplantation: the opening of channels in the reception area and the implantation of the follicles removed with care from the donor area.

The surgeon then loads the follicles and inserts them with tweezers into the hole in the pen. And finally they will be inserted into the scalp. This insertion technique, like the other instruments used for this type of surgery, helps to place the hair in the right direction and the step is repeated and again until the unpopulated areas of the hair are covered.

Dare to renew your image, show yourself without penalty and let security be your new companion. Something as simple as our appearance has a great weight on the way others perceive us.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in Turkey

As the years go by, the body usually changes and such changes usually occur abruptly, such as hair loss. Men and women are often affected by this disease that occurs from the age of 20. Baldness begins to work havoc not only on the physical part, but also on an emotional level.

Many try to hide it with hairstyles, makeup, hats, or scarves; while others prefer to let baldness run its course without treating it. Or simply, they prefer not to give it the importance it deserves.

If you are one of those who seek a solution and put an end to this problem, then you are in the right place. In this article you will find the five best hair graft clinics in Turkey.

Turkey has become the great mecca of the hair implant. Today it is especially common to associate Istanbul with the practice of hair grafting, and the truth is that they have gained this pulse recognition. In fact, most experts are in the Turkish capital, and more and more are patients who prefer to undergo this intervention on Turkish soil.

There are two reasons why many patients prefer to undergo hair implantation in Turkey: the first, the undeniable quality of the results obtained through the techniques used in Turkish clinics, and the second, the operating and postoperative costs.

The numbers do not lie; half a million people make every year on Turkish lands in search of recovering the hair they have been losing over time.

The language barrier is not an impediment to a hair graft. This mecca offers Spanish translation services for all its Spanish-speaking patients which undoubtedly makes things much easier for those who are thinking of having a hair graft with guarantees, the best care and of course at the best price on the market.

Best hair transplant clinics in Turkey

CapilClinic takes you to Turkey: make your hair graft with guarantees

CapilClinic Turkey offers the entire package: We use sapphire crystals for the opening of the micro-channels, which makes it more precise than with classic FUE. The main thing in this procedure is the pre-preparation, the surgeon will inform you everything about the hair grafting process. Then the first phase will be given, the same is the extraction of the follicles. With the help of a 0.6 mm diameter punch, the follicular units are extracted from the donor area.

This phase can last between 3 and 4 hours depending on the needs of each patient. Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa in Istanbul, the largest health centre in the Turkish capital, is home to Capilclinic facilities. There he will be treated, with all the comforts and will be in the hands of the specialists; the hospital has received the certification of the International Joint Commission (JCI).

One of the advantages of operating in Istanbul with CapilClinic is that the procedure is up to 85% cheaper than in another country in the rest of the world. Without a doubt, it is the hook that attracts thousands and thousands of people who intend in that destination to end the problem of baldness.

Therefore, they are our first option to recommend you to perform a successful hair graft.

2- Asmed Clinic

Asmed Clinic, directed by Dr. Koray Erdogan, the hair transplant specialist who runs the hair graft team of the said medical center. It’s our second choice for your hair graft. They treat patients with all kinds of alopecias and, above all, those who need “megasessions”, these are interventions in which more than 2,500 hairs are implanted in one run. Dr. Koray Erdogan is a must for people with advanced alopecia problems who require the hand of a real expert in large transplants to cover almost the entire scalp.

3- Dr. Muttalip Keser Clinic,

On the podium of the best hair graft clinics in Istanbul is also the Dr. Muttalip Keser Clinic, there they perform all kinds of hair restoration surgeries, and it has a new and complete center with state-of-the-art technology to perform any intervention without any problem.

The surgeon, Dr. Keser is a specialist in hair restoration; known for being able to repopulate the hair to those patients who suffer severe hair loss, through the latest techniques. His patients say that after surgery his scalp recovers quickly.

4- Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu Clinic

Fourth, we recommend consulting what the Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu Clinic offers, led by the pioneer in hair transplantation in Turkey. Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu sponsors some of the most innovative techniques that we can find today in the hair graft clinics in Istanbul. He was the first to bet in the Turkish region on the FUE motorized technique, one of the most advanced in the Ottoman country. This method is used daily in your clinic and is used by your patients.

5- Elithair Clinic

Finally, the Elithair Clinic offers price packages to perform an all-inclusive hair graft, so you can combine your treatment in Istanbul. Dr. Balwi runs the clinic in Turkey. In this medical center they have developed unique methodologies and treatments, such as the SDHI capillary graft, or the NEO FUE preoperative treatment, which offers exclusively to all its patients.

In addition, they are responsible for the organization and protocol of the trip to Turkey. The packages include: patient care 7/24, capillary analysis, NEO FUE treatment, transfers, accommodation, medicines and operating kit.

What happens after a hair graft?

To give you an idea of what to expect after the postoperative period, we will illustrate a small panorama about it.

After the procedure, a bandage is placed on the donor area and the patient can return to their home or hotel. The next day, the bandage is removed to clean both the donor and recipient areas and to check the outcome of the capillary intervention. The donor area is recovered in a few days thanks to the washes that the clinic will tell the patient to do the days after the hair surgery. In the receiving area, the one where the follicles have been transplanted, small scabs will be formed that usually disappear after a maximum of one or two weeks with the help of those washes.

After the first 24 hours the patient can return to his daily routine, following to the letter the recommendations that the surgeon dictates from the clinic. It is very rare that complications arise as a result of capillary restoration, sometimes during the first days small swelling or discomfort can occur that normally disappear in a few days, nothing to fear.

The first results are visible after a short period of time. The capillary growth will be more evident from the third month, when arriving at the seventh/eighth month the patients begin to notice a longer hair that will grow more and more natural. Venture to Turkey and change your image for yourself and for you.

Best hair transplant in Madrid

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in Madrid

Spain, a country of the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, is known for its flamenco, its gastronomy and its imposing landscapes. Surrounded by unparalleled architecture, Spain (Madrid) offers tourists enriching experiences, charming women and captivating music.

As of December last year, the Spanish population stood at a record 46.94 million people across the country. This large population of men, women, children and the elderly is suffering from a disease with a name and surname: alopecia areata. It’s basically a condition that severely damages hair follicles. These are areas on the skin that give hair growth. In the case of most people, their hair falls out into strands, and even leaves hairless areas the size of small, round strands. Other people may lose more hair; it all depends on the case.

Without a doubt, it is a matter of great concern for Spaniards, especially for the younger ones, who observe their relatives (especially their father) in search of clues that reveal whether they are likely to suffer from alopecia.

Therefore, we have done research to provide you with the five best hair graft clinics in all of Spain. It is your choice!

Hair transplant clinics in Madrid: Top five

1- Capilclinic

To do a hair graft in Madrid, there is no better clinic in all of Spain than CapilClinic. In this state-of-the-art medical center, you will get first-rate care along with the experience of the best surgeons to serve you as you deserve.

Leave your hair health in the hands of the experts, recover your hair and renew your self-esteem with the help of the comprehensive team that has CapilClinic in Madrid. For specialist surgeons, each patient is special, they are committed to each case and give themselves to the task of listening carefully to the patient’s history.

At the Madrid headquarters they are experts in performing the hair graft with the technique FUE Zafiro. This is one of the most modern and commonly used hair transplant techniques, ensuring results of natural appearance, in which special devices such as sapphire blades are used.

In addition, they have special medical facilities, surgery packages for any budget, financing and the best thing is that the costs are insurmountable, compared to other hair health centers.

The great experience that hair surgeons have in CapilClinic makes them worthy of their leadership in the area of hair surgery, therefore they are our first and most effective recommendation for you.

2- FaceClinic

Another of the options that are available in Spain and which occupies the second place in this list of clinics specializing in hair grafting is: FaceClinic. They work with the FUE technique to perform hair grafts on areas such as the beard, mustache, eyebrows, sideburns and of course; the scalp itself. They are considered a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, merging the latest technological and professional advances.

Not only that, but they even treat areas without hair and where scars exist. Likewise, they use 3 graft systems, according to the need: the FUE method, capillary graft with strip (FUT) or the possibility of capillary grafting without the need to shave.

On its website you will find various opinions of its patients, it is a good guide to know how the hair grafting process went and the end result.

3- Capillary Corporation

The third option is called Capillary Corporation, this capillary clinic performs hair grafts and anti-fall capillary treatments; in addition to hair treatments, they have their own line of hair products that complement the treatments and help strengthen the treated area.

Regarding capillary grafts, they specialize: FUE technique, capillary regenerative therapy and micropigmentation. They serve in three of their headquarters located in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. In fact, its specialists solve integral hair and hair problems: hair treatments, micrografting and laser hair removal.

In Google, you can find the opinions that their patients give about the service, medical team and their personal experience before, during and after the hair graft.

4- Elite Medical Madrid

Fourth place, Elite Medical Madrid. With more than 10 years of experience in hair surgery, they offer the best value for money in FUE Sapphire hair grafts without follicle limit. In addition, they do a continuous medical follow-up of your hair implant. They have a dedicated medical and nursing team. They have a very advanced technological infrastructure and specialized equipment in hair grafting. Furthermore, they are located in the north of Madrid, in one of the most exclusive and best communicated neighborhoods of the capital, just 15 minutes from Barajas and 10 minutes from Chamartín.

And to close with a silver lining, we have the IMEMA Clinic. It is the first Spanish center that has robotic technology, in fact currently is the most advanced, thanks to this hair is removed in follicular units from 1 to 3 hairs, which provides an impeccable result; thus ensuring a growth of more than 95 percent of transplanted hair and avoiding scarring.

In particular, we believe that now you should lay the foundations to make a more accurate decision on where to perform a successful hair graft, where you feel comfortable and well attended. The range of options is very varied, so it is time to study them and carry out the plan to recover your hair.

Already performed the capillary graft there are certain care that we must carry out so as not to spoil the work done by the surgeon. Here we tell you if you can wash your hair and the best way to do it.

How to wash hair after a hair graft?

What is recommended is from the fourth day. That’s right, you can wash your hair very gently and delicately. It must be done very carefully, as there will be scabs for each unit of the follicle. It must therefore be made with warm water, a neutral and frictionless soap. It is crucial that the hair is dry outdoors, so no towels or hair dryer should be used.

In any case, something that can be done in the three days after surgery is to spray water on the area or, also, apply physiological serum. It is an easy and hassle-free way for the patient to calm the itching of the scarring and refresh the area.

Keep in mind that every surgical process takes a particular process, a recovery time and certain care to follow to successfully complete the recovery of the hair.

Hair transplant clinics in London

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics in London

Everything in life has a solution, right? Or at least, that’s what a popular saying says. We usually take everything for granted, even our hair. When hair loss begins its process, we tend not to give it the attention it deserves. The amount of hair we leave on the shower floor, on the brush, on the pillow and even on our clothes is the first warning sign.

Alopecia in young people occur mainly as a result of a genetic predisposition. This sudden loss of hair generates a psychological impact on men and women. In fact, a recent study shows that alopecia has significant consequences and a considerable emotional impact on both sexes. This, in the long run, goes through the bill. People’s behaviors change, become isolated, insecure, and to some extent fragile.

Female alopecia is more common than thought, although very little is said about it. Hair is a part of a woman’s identity and her loss is more problematic than in men and more difficult to accept emotionally, due to social and aesthetic pressure. This is why it often causes a disorder and a drop in the self-esteem of the woman who has it.

Fortunately, for people (male or female) who lost their hair, hair transplant surgery is the ultimate solution. Thanks to this surgical procedure the patient can again enjoy their youthful appearance with the abundant hair they once had.

Putting our health and well-being in the hands of others is not easy. And less when we undergo any surgical procedure; however, when we make the decision to do a hair graft in London there is no better option than CapilClinic.

Best hair transplant clinics in London

1- CapilClinic in London: your best ally for a successful hair graft

In the London clinic you will get a hair transplant specialist with a great experience surrounded by the best team of professionals, offering a precise diagnosis, accompaniment throughout the process and a high quality service for all your patients. At CapilClinic they take care of every detail perfectly and strive to meet the expectations of those who come to the clinical center. Therefore, they are our first option and the one that many patients recommend performing any type of hair graft. His more than ten years of experience and the testimony of countless patients with successful hair transplants are his best endorsement.

At CapilClinic they use the most advanced techniques in hair grafting, working with the novel Min Time FUE method; designed to have the follicles as long as possible outside the body in each operation. In addition, for your safety and comfort, all interventions are performed only in hospitals accredited by the JCI.

2- Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic

Our second recommendation is the prestigious Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic, which is one of the centers specialized in hair regeneration. Of great renown in London, it is certainly a reference for those looking to end baldness. Great personalities of spectacle, football and royalty have been treated in this center. A London newspaper claims that Prince Harry himself visited this clinic and had a meeting with specialists to discuss his case of alopecia before undergoing treatment. The results speak for themselves. The costs of procedures vary from case to case.

In times of pandemic they have been forced to adapt, that is; their queries are through Zoom or phone to have at their disposal the advice and experience of the Philip Kingsley Trichologists from the comfort of their own home.

3- The Belgravia Centre

The third recommendation you can consider for your hair graft in London is Hair Loss Treatments – The Belgravia Centre where they offer different options to deal with abrupt hair loss in both men and women, for example: clinically tested drugs, laser devices and hair restoration surgery.

The Belgravia Center offers the most effective treatment programs available to men, tailored to each patient. In the consultation with the specialist you can dispel all your doubts about the surgical procedure indicated for your case. You will be able to see the facilities and have access to a budget that could be financed.

4- The Holborn Hair Scalp Clinic

Our fourth recommendation in this search for the best hair graft clinic in London is: The Holborn Hair Scalp Clinic. Perform hair, eyebrow and beard transplants. They currently care for their patients via Skype or FaceTime.

At The Holborn Clinic UK they have treated hundreds of patients, the work mystique and commitment that each puts in this hair regeneration center touches the humanity of every person who comes to be cared for.

5- Vinci Hair Clinic

As the last alternative in this list of the best five clinics in London to perform a successful hair graft is: Vinci Hair Clinic, with treatments and services first in hair regeneration for men and women.

Vinci Hair Clinic has centers of excellence around the world practicing the best hair transplant techniques and micro-scalp pigmentation. In addition to this they have a large team of professionals (surgeons, nurses and assistants) prepared and trained to help their patients recover the vitality and strength of their hair.

Well-being is something that should not be lost, let alone good looks, seeing ourselves well and feeling good about ourselves is indispensable.

When does the hair start to grow after a hair graft?

Now, after the complete process of hair grafting is carried out it is necessary to know when the hair begins to grow after this type of procedure: the results are the most expected in every patient. The whole process can take a few months, and we set a period of one year to see definitive results.

Keep in mind that being follicles of the same individual, the arrangement of the new strand will not be different, so it will maintain the texture, color and growth pattern of the implanted follicular unit.

After surgery, your surgeon usually performs a first cure, then performs a 10-day wash, monthly checkups, another 6-month checkup, and one a year to make sure everything is progressing properly. Seeing that there is a positive response from the scalp, the patient feels that everything was worthwhile: diagnosis, process, surgery, recovery and care have paid off.

hair transplant in Turkey

Top 5 Best Hair Transplant Doctors In Turkey

Turkey is highly known for hair transplantation services because of so many reasons. Every year, many people travel to turkey for traveling purposes and get a hair transplant. Turkey is famous mostly in people of the UK because of the exceeding baldness rates in English people. Around half a million people move to turkey to recover from baldness, alopecia, and hair loss due to other diseases. Hair transplants, also known as hair restoration services, can bring back the lost hair and help you get rid of issues of baldness.

Best hair trasplant doctors in Turkey

The best 5 doctors providing hair transplants in Turkey are as under:

1. Dr. Oguz Kayiran

Known as a famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Oguz has the best record of hair transplant treatments. In 2011 he got his medical degree from Ankara University in Medicine faculty. He then started his internship in Northern General Hospital in the UK and then finalized his training session being a plastic surgeon in an Ankara hospital. This hospital specializes in plastic, research, and esthetic surgery department. He now has experience of over 9 years in the field of plastic surgery. He has been working in a few biggest hospitals in turkey and has taken part in national and international scientific research publications.

He gives the ideal hair transplant services that have a high success rate. The results are natural-looking hair growth that has no visible signs of FUE. Patients who got their treatment from Dr. Oguz have said the sessions started and ended well, and they got very happy with the results.

2. Dr. Serdar Gokrem

Being the lead in his clinic that is the Ankara International Sac Ekimi Clinic, Dr. Serdar has earned to his name the title of being one of the greatest surgeons in the FUE technique of doing hair transplants. He has practiced in the improvement of the method that is the most avant-garde and also gives the best results in the present times.

He is offering the best solutions for hair transplants and is also giving competitive pricing for each session.

3. Dr. Koray Erdogan

The hair transplant specialist is leading a grafting team in the Ahmed Clinic. This clinic is the place where many patients arrive with symptoms of alopecia and hair loss. People who need mega sessions come to this clinic to get hair transplantations. The mega sessions are the interventions in which over 2,500 hairs are implanted in a

single session. People who have the advanced problem of alopecia can consider these sessions to recover from hair loss. These transplantations cover almost the whole scalp. Dr. Koray has been proved to be a great option for such cases.

4. Dr. Muttalip Keser

Known as the best hair grafting doctor working in his clinic, Dr. Muttalip Keser has the state of the art new medical facilities. He is performing all kinds of hair recovering surgeries. He is especially known for his hair recovery services as he brings the hair back onto patient’s scalp who are suffering from the worse cases of hair loss.

He uses laser techniques to treat his patients with hair loss. He goes beyond hair grafting and brings a solution that is sought to boost the density and hair follicles’ strength.

5. Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu

Dr. Tayfun is known as one of the doctors who are the pioneers in the process of hair transplantations. In turkey, he has made a mark in hair restoration services and is known to be the supporter of the most avant-garde techniques found in most hair grafting clinics in Turkey. He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and is the first Turkish surgeon who claims to opt for the FUE method.

He is also known to be the promoter of a well known motorized FUE method. In this method, such technology is used that is the most advanced one in the country.

Are you now aware of all the top doctors providing the best hair transplant in the country? Turkey is massively known to provide hair transplant services that are efficient in bringing back the lost hair and are competitive in prices. Most people coming to turkey for hair transplants are those who belong to the UK. People in the UK are increasingly having the issue of hair loss due to male hair loss conditions. Other factors may have a role as well, but one thing is for sure that doctors and clinics in turkey can be trusted for having hair transplantation services.

Are hair transplants safe?

Hair transplants may seem scary, and one may easily get wearied off from the idea of it. But one thing is for sure that this treatment is just like any other treatment or procedure you may get in a hospital. Many specialized doctors providing these services can be found in turkey. You can find the highest quality servi9ces to get hair restoration treatment and find the best prices for it. Many hospitals may give you better deals than the rest. You must do your proper research on which clinics and hospitals are known to offer hair transplants’ best services. You don’t want to risk your hair or scalp and your money for this case.

How Many Hair Transplants Get Successful?

It is amazing to see the figures that are linked to successful hair transplants. Around 10 to 80 percent of hair transplants get successful, and the number is even improving. Due to the cutting-edge technologies available these days for these treatments, you may be very optimistic about having the best results after getting hair transplants. This hair looks like any other normal hair and also fall out just as to them. So are you going to be getting a hair transplant session any soon? The suggestions mentioned earlier of doctors may help you pick the one that suits them best.

hair transplant Istanbul

Top 5 Best Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Hair transplantation is one of the most famous cosmetic surgeries done around the world. Hair loss has become a very common issue among people these days, and this can be something very serious as it brings a loss in personality and also makes one look sick. This can lead to certain cases of avoiding social gatherings. But the good news is that it can be treated. Most people opt for natural solutions like eating a healthy diet and oiling hair regularly to get the lost hair back. But this is not always the case. Sometimes such simple processes may not work in bringing out a healthy mane. Hence hair transplantation services come to the rescue. The following 5 clinics are the top ones serving in Istanbul for hair transplantation services.

Best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul

1. CapilClinic

Capil Clinic is considered the top best one in Istanbul dedicated to providing hair transplant services. They are the first European clinic that is offering stem cell treatment as well. They have highly professional staff working with them for many years. They keep customers’ satisfaction as their priority and take no chance in dealing with the hair transplant for their patients. They are offering the following services.

They are offering the most advanced stem cell treatments that are helping people restore their lost hair. This is a big advancement in the world of hair transplants. They are offering plastic surgery, dental aesthetics, and hair transplantations to their patients.

2. Sapphire Hair Clinic Istanbul

This is an international clinic that is operating in the Medial Park Hospital Group. They are utilizing highly advanced cutting-edge technology to deliver the best hair transplant services in the region. They also have therapeutic methods that work in giving plastic surgery, hair transplant, and dental aesthetics worldwide. Under the supervision of highly skilled doctors, Sapphire hair clinic is offering the following services:

  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • FUT Hair Transplant
  • Sapphire Hair Transplant
  • DHI Hair Transplant
  • Manuel FUE Hair Transplant
  • HCV Hair Transplant
  • Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplant
  • Beard and Moustache Hair Transplant

They will also give you accommodation services for the guests they have worldwide in their contracted hotels.

3. Dr. Serkan Aygin

Being regarded as one of the best doctors for hair transplant in Istanbul and the whole of turkey, Dr. Aygin is also known in Europe. They give the highest comfort level and regard value to their customers to get the best services at great prices. Having your hair transplant done in Istanbul will cost you a lot less than anywhere in the world. This cost will highly depend on the type of treatment you are getting. They show the best results in the whole of Istanbul. They re offering the following service :

  • Hair transplant
  • Beard transplant
  • Soft FUE
  • The DHI transplant
  • Sapphire FUE Hair
  • Mesotherapy treatment
  • Hair transplant for women
  • Low-level laser therapy.

Along with giving all these services at good prices, you also get great customer satisfaction from Dr. Serkan and his team.

4. Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

Known for its great concern to every patient who has anything related to cosmetic surgeries, the Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery center is quite famous for its great services. Patients at their hospital are always given great attention towards their treatments, resulting in the most success rates. Their high purpose of working well is to give their patients the top medical treatment with human health care. The professional staff is always there to guide you through the process of hair transplant. You can find all of the cosmetic surgery processes that you may need in this case.

  • Hair transplant
  • FUE Hair transplantation
  • DHI hair transplantation
  • Sapphire FUE hair transplantation
  • Eyebrow transplantation
  • Beard transplantation

5. Adam And Havva Medical Center

Situated in Istanbul, Turkey, Adam and Havva medical center is supervised by Cagatay Cebeci, the hair transplant surgeon. They are offering treatment for hair transplants at great prices. The great range of hair restoration treatments makes this clinic an ideal one for looking for hair treatments that don’t even leave any scars or issues in the skin. After getting a hair transplant done from this hospital, the patients won’t have to get any hospitalization done for the healing process.

the steps that are involved in hair transplant sessions by Adam and Havva medical center are:

  • Blood tests before the procedure
  • Hair transplant FUE (maximum grafts)
  • PRP treatment injection directly after the operation
  • Bandage to the donor area applied after the procedure
  • Special technique head washing day after the procedure
  • Post-op medications if needed ( for 5 days)
  • Special medical shampoo for after transplantation using

So Are You Aware Of All The Ins And Outs Of Getting Hair Transplants Done?

Hair transplants are now a lot of common procedures used by many people who can get their healthy and fuller hair back on their head. Most people, men and women alike, are getting these procedures done to make their hair look full again. Turkey is considered the best place in the whole world to get great hair transplant services that are also easy on the pocket.

The above-given suggestions are all clinics and hospitals situated in turkey. Istanbul, a busy city of turkey, has so many clinics and hospitals where you can have hair transplantation services. Are you ready to bring back your healthy-looking hair? If so, don’t forget to have the ideal options that are given above. The first suggestion, i.e. the Capil Clinic, is being sought after because of the high value in customer service that was put into it. They always make sure their customers are satisfied with the end results. You will get immensely great services of hair transplants once you get into Turkey.

Best countries for a hair transplant

What Is The Best Country For Hair Transplant

Are you looking for the best hair transplants in the world? It may be a big deal, but no matter how hard you search, you still need some well-researched data about all the best hair transplant countries so that you don’t choose one that does not give you the value for its price. So let’s explore different countries that have the best hair transplant services. You may choose the given or suggested clinics given along each. Get a hint of what services you want and which country suits you best through the following 5 suggestions of countries.

Best countries for hair transplant

1- Mexico

As said by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Mexico is known as one of the most popular countries for getting hair transplants. Mexico has a strong infrastructure of health, and also all these services are at low cost. Mexico is a very popular destination for patients from the US and Canada. People are looking to get their treatments done to come to Mexico if they are also looking for a great spot to spend their holidays. Clinics and doctors in Mexico follow a very strict vetting process to make sure that the patients get only high-quality services. You can visit a great clinic named Capilclinic in Mexico if you are looking for hair transplants that are successful and are also done following all the required steps and stages of this hair transplantation service.

2- Spain

Spain is a highly sought after country for travelling and getting the best medical service. it is known for having many hair transplant clinics from where you can have great medical services at good prices. Patients who are looking for great hair transplants that don’t even cost much can pick Spain as their ideal country. Clinics like Capilclinic, Clinica Bonome, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Clinica Capilae, Madrid, and Clinica Dermitek, Bilbao, Spain are great to get hair transplant services in Spain. You may also find some great traveling spots in this country as it is rather old and is home to a rich culture. Spain will not only be your ideal place for tourism but also to get high-quality hair transplant services.

3- Turkey

If you are thinking of getting hair transplantation services to get the luscious hair back on your head, Turkey may be the best place to head to. Turkey is known as one of the best places for getting services like hair transplants. More than 20,000 travelers visit turkey for getting this treatment of hair transplant. They choose turkey mainly because equality is as great as they would want to have and the costs are also great. For 2K grafts with the FUE hair transplant procedure, you will find prices that start at €1,950 that is nearly 70% less than many great countries for getting hair treatments.

Turkey is a great place for patients looking to have a stay in luxurious hotels and finding competitive treatment packages. Along with all these amenities, Turkey is ideal for most patients because of the historical architecture and the old buildings in the country. Turkey is the home of the world’s most respected doctors for hair transplantation and pant, including Dr. Erdogan and Dr. Cinik. Turkey is no doubt an ideal spot for hair transplant and also for traveling.

4- UK

While a few patients may prefer to travel more for medical treatments, others pick somewhere near their own residence. UK residents can find that it’s useless to ask which country would do for getting a hair transplant as they locally have so many clinics and doctors providing hair transplantation services. The UK has many excellent medical centers that specialize in giving hair restoration and transplant services. The doctors at Skin Follicle Clinic in Birmingham have performed a lot of FUE, FUT, and ARTAS transplants of hair over the past couple of years along with Dr. Soueid.

5- Brasil

If you are in Brazil and happen to get a hair transplant session, then without any doubt you can get the highest services in this country. Along with a rich, soothing culture, you will get so much more such as great medical services and customer satisfaction. You can get some of the ideal doctors for hair transplants such as Dr. Euardo Cabral from Cirurigia Plastica and Dra Angelica Pimenta Dermtologia. These doctors are servicing the region for a long while now and have made a mark in giving the best services for hair transplants. You can also find other options in brazil for hair transplants as this country won’t disappoint you in providing the best services for this cause.

These were a few locations aka countries that are providing ideal hair transplantation services in the world. You can choose your references based on which country suits you the most. You can get a free consultation from most of the doctors suggested above.

Is it safe to have a hair transplantation service?

Though most people often get scared of taking such a big risk of having hair transplantation. But you may be surprised to know that the success rate of hair transplants is from 10 to 80 percent. You will get a healthy lock of hair growing from your head and give you a nourished scalp that does you good in the best way. You must not have hair transplants as they are safe and have been tried on many people already. Make sure you choose the doctors and clinics for this cause that are rated very well from their previous customers.

Now that you know the best countries where you can find the best hair transplant services, are you ready to leap of faith? You must not be thinking of what the process must be but instead focus on the end result. You will start seeing the translated hair just growing in your head just as the normal hairdo. Even if they fall out don’t worry as natural hair fall out as well.

Hair trasplant in the USA

Top 5 best hair transplant doctors in the USA

Are you getting your hair transplanted anywhere soon in the future or right now? You may need to have some expert suggestions of the top 5 best hair transplant doctors in the USA so that you don’t end up getting a low-quality hair transplant that leads to even more hair loss issues or even scalp damage. So first let us go through what is a hair transplant, and why do people get it so often now?

Why Should I Get A Hair Transplant?

Back in the day when technology was nonexistent, people used the idea of hair oiling and having a healthy diet to keep their hair strong and long. But now there is a lot more inclination towards having unhealthy routines and a very bad hair care regimen. Some diseases have also played their part in giving us humans an irreversible hair loss. This is where hair transplant comes into action.

Hair transplant is the process in which a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon moves the hair into the bald area of one’s head. The surgeon mostly moves hair from the side or the back of the head over the front or top of the head. Hair transplants mostly occur in medical offices and under the effect of anaesthesia. But how can you find the right surgeon for this case?

Best hair transplant doctors in the USA

Let’s have a look at the top five hair transplant doctors in the USA:

1. Bernardio A. Arocha, M.D., ABHRS

An elite coalition member, Dr. Bernardion, and all of his staff are performing very high-quality refined follicular unit hair transplantation sessions located in Houston. They are giving totally free physician consultations in Dallas. They are offering the following services at their clinic called Arocha Hair Restoration:

– Ultra refined follicular

– Unit Hair Transplantation

– Follicular Unit Excision

– Free personal Consults

– Prescriptions for Propecia

– Corrective hair transplant

2. Dr. Arika Bansal – MBBS, MD:

She and her staff are known for their high experience in performing large and densely packed sessions of modified FUE along with excellent results. Dr. Arika is offering the following services in her clinic named Eugenix Hair Sciences:

  • Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT) – Modified FUE
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Scar Repair by FUE
  • Body Hair Transplantation – Beard and Chest (BHT)
  • Beard Transplantation
  • Eyebrow Reconstruction
  • Eyelash Transplantation
  • Medical Management of Hair Loss
  • Free Consultation

3. Dr. Taleb Barghouthi:

Dr. Talib does Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Excision along with Follicular Unit Strip Surgery. He and his team have been giving high-quality services and result for a good long while now. They have performed mega sessions and are also offering free consultations. At Vertex hair clinic, he offers the following services:

  • Strip FUT
  • Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)
  • Medical therapy
  • Platelets Rich Plasma
  • Low-Level Light Therapy
  • Hair systems
  • Trichology

4. Robert M. Bernstein, M.D., F.A.A.D.

Robert M is a clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University and performs Follicular Unit Transplantation in NYC. Services offered by him and his staff at Bernstein Medical, P.C are as below:

  • Ultra-Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Robotic FUE (Robotic-assisted Follicular Unit Excision)
  • Hair Transplant Repair
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Eyebrow Transplant
  • Medical Hair Loss Treatment

5. Dr. Blake Bloxham:

Dr. Blake is the one performing state of the art surgery for hair transplant and also supported by Coalition Member Dr. Alan Feller in NYC. At Feller and Bloxham Hair Transplantation the following services are offered:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)
  • Modified Follicular Unit Extraction (mFUE)
  • Scar Repair

Are Hair Transplants Safe?

Most people who are going to get hair transplant services will definitely ask this question. This is why we are bringing it up to clear your doubts. Hair transplants are always something people are excited to get but are also scared of any mishaps. This is why this question is often asked, and the answer is that hair transplants these days are more than 80 percent times successful! That means you get the hair you are looking for on your head. You get rid of the bald patches or a whole bald head after this transplant.

By What Age Can I Get A Hair Transplant Done?

The grafting process is based on the severity of hair loss and the patient’s facial characters to make sure it looks very real. Nothing is determined for young patients, and the hair loss or severity is also unsure. Hence the best age for getting a hair transplant doesn’t is over 25. After this age, the process will look more natural, and the severity level will also be known.

Will I lose hair after transplant?

It is a lot more normal for hair transplanted hair to fall off your scalp every twice or thrice a week after this procedure is done. This can make way for hair growth of new hair. Many people will see some new hair growing out by the 8th to 12th months after getting the surgery done. Hence don’t worry if your hair is falling out even after the surgery.

Which hair transplant method is the best?

The strip method of hair transplantation is the best one. A hair strip is taken from a surgical suite with well-positioned and a lot more visible surgical field and magnification done. The strip method gives quality drafts and the best of viability.

So that now you know that getting hair transplants is safe and you can find some of the best doctors for this cause in the USA, are you going to get one? Based on the present trends, hair transplants have become a lot more common, and people are inclined towards it due to high success rates. Many people in the USA use this effective method of getting back their lost hair on their heads. It may be due to a disease or some other reasons in life, but always remember you can have them all back!