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Aeroyoga Puerto Rico

Yoga is a comprehensive health system that has more and more followers. Dozens of studies show its benefits for health and wellness.

However, a new method of yoga has come to revolutionize the traditional system of yoga on the floor … It is the AeroYoga®. AeroYoga® (aerial Yoga) is an artistic method of personal growth in suspension, on a swing, developed by Rafael Martinez for two decades.

It arises from the fusion between Creative Yoga © (another Yoga on the floor, created by Rafael Martinez for his students) and the Yoga swing (trapeze), a weightless work tool that Rafael discovered on a trip to the United States.
From this mixture of Creative Yoga © (Yoga Creativo©) and the swing came the AeroYoga® and Rafael worked intensively with his students in his old studio in Madrid until he managed to polish this discipline and even propose it as a method of preparing teachers.
¨It was a whole process ̈ Rafael tells us in his new studio in Puerto Rico, where he currently lives and works teaching this discipline … ¨ It was not easy to develop a wellness method such as AeroYoga®, but it was exciting to see to so many people to support me and collaborate in the development of the AeroYoga® and as health professionals as medical specialists in sports medicine were interested in the benefits of this practice for health, and they also wanted to contribute their experience and knowledge to make the AeroYoga® a system of scientifically based work … ¨
In this way the AeroYoga® method was taking shape and is now taught in many countries, from the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, all of Europe, Australia and Latin America.
Rafael registered his AeroYoga® brand internationally and developed all the business know-how necessary to be able to certify teachers and teach them how to be successful in their new company!
AeroYoga® is a method with multiple health benefits, which have been investigated by medical specialists in sports medicine.

According to Dr. Tapia, from sports medicine, who has analyzed the method in depth in collaboration with Rafael Martinez’s AeroYoga® students, with regular practice we can improve:

-Improves skin quality.
-Fight constipation.
-decompress the column.
-Grow physically.
-Combat back pain.
-Improve balance and motor skills.
-Lose weight.
-Redefine the muscles.
-Strengthen the joints such as knee, shoulder or hip.
-Combat varicose veins or cellulite thanks to lymphatic drainage.
-Combat edema and inflammation thanks to reversal aerial Yoga postures.
-Improve self-esteem.
-Prevent and combat depression.

Currently Rafael Martínez has teams of professionals who train AeroYoga® teachers in each country. He also proposes online certifications: This is a complete and interactive teacher training that allows the teacher in training to become certified from home, studying at their own pace and enjoying all the contents of the method personally developed by Rafael Martínez for this certification and with the collaboration of physiotherapists who are specialists in anatomy.
In addition, the AeroYoga® method is accredited Yoga Alliance (200RYS). Yoga Alliance is the world yoga organization with the most international reputation.
Rafael Martínez has also received several awards throughout his career directing AeroYoga® institute.
On the one hand, the ¨Gold Medal for Sanitary Merit¨, from the Ramón y Cajal Foundation, as well as the ¨Educational Excellence Awards¨ to the ¨Best Training Expansion Project¨, and the ¨Most Innovative Training Project¨, promoted by Fundación Mundo Ciudad and the Spanish Association of Business Schools.
And now Yoga Puerto Rico!

Rafael Martínez currently resides in Puerto Rico. It is on the Caribbean island that AeroYoga® Institute Puerto Rico has opened a wellness space dedicated to Aerial Yoga and Creative Yoga © (Yoga Puerto Rico) as well as all the disciplines that Rafael has been promoting with passion and dedication all these years.

In Puerto Rico it offers the so-called Mini-Retreats (Yoga retreats Puerto Rico) which are half-day sessions that include full immersion in the AeroYoga® method (Aerial Yoga and AeroPilates) as well as the work of mindfulness meditation on the swing ( trapeze) Aero Meditation©, conscious breathing (Pranayama) and the benefits of Ayurveda Rasayana (toning, detox, slimming and anti-aging effects).

These Mini-Retreats (Yoga Retreat Puerto Rico) complete their wellness benefits with the use of hot stones (lithotherapy) and organic essential oils (aromatherapy).
The relaxations in the Yoga hammock, in suspension, (Aero Nidra©) are according to Rafael “a true journey of rotation of consciousness”.

The Yoga retreats of the AeroYoga® Institute Puerto Rico are completed with a healthy vegan (without meat) or traditional (with meat) lunch to suit everyone. Keto-friendly drinks and dessert complete the menu ¨designed and made at home by our chef to delight the participants¨, Rafael tells us.

To enjoy these Mini-Retreats or have more information about the certifications of international teachers in Puerto Rico, contact AeroYoga® Institute Puerto Rico through

Whatsapp +1 787 692 4636

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