How much does the 5000 grafts hair transplant cost?

5000 grafts

Having an abundant hair is what we all want. However, it is something that not everyone has. Baldness is a problem that has affected both men and women. Despite the large number of commercial and natural products to stop hair loss and on the other hand definitely ending alopecia has been a lost cause. It is for these reasons that the world of aesthetics has offered an ideal solution for all those people who wish to restore the scalp and recover their hair again. Hair transplants have come to change everyone’s life, or at least that large number of people who yearn to recover their hair and innovate their image before everyone.

Hair transplantation is an outpatient surgical procedure that needs the collaboration of patient and surgeon. Since it is extremely necessary of the professionalism and expertise of the hair surgeon in addition to the care that the patient must take before and during postoperative recovery. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to choose the clinic that best suits your budget, where you feel comfortable (or) with the surgeon and the facilities are the most suitable.

If you want to know how much a five thousand follicle graft will cost you, there are several features to consider getting a real estimate of hair surgery. Take note and get ready to make the right decisions about it.

5000 graft hair transplant cost

5000 grafts hair transplant cost usa

A hair implant with five thousand follicular units is possible, as long as only the capacity of the patient’s donor area is fixed. Putting a fixed price on a procedure like this is relative. Since a number of factors are handled that would alter the budget itself; however you can talk about an estimate.

The vast majority of clinics in the world that provide their facilities to care for patients undergoing these hair revitalization sessions tend to set a price for the number of follicular units to be implanted. It all depends on each patient and the very needs that are determined by their genetics, it is clear that from the beginning of the process an evaluation is made and presented with the options to choose with the most advanced techniques in the area.

Today, sixty percent of men and fifty percent of women worldwide experience some form of abnormal hair loss. Hair transplants are achieved when more hair is added to an area where baldness proliferates, performed by taking thicker parts of the scalp or other parts of the body by grafting them into the area where the patient’s baldness is located.

Different nations around the world are recognized for providing successful hair graft packages. Turkey, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, India, among others. They are just some destinations to which millions of men and women have traveled to fulfill their sleep: to fully regain hair density.

For those looking to save a little on medical expenses and postoperative treatments choose to go to Turkey. In Turkish lands they are pioneers in hair graft procedures, it is both the success achieved that surgeons have been dedicated to making important alliances with different medical centers specialized in hair treatments and together with the advice of medical staff offer quite a few packages in solidarity to patients who need to change the environment and finally return home with the desired appearance.

Now, if you finally decide to travel to Turkey; for the money factor we can tell you that on Turkish soil there are more than 300 clinics dedicated to hair transplants. The surgical procedure ranges from 2,200 euros to 3,000 to respectively, this if you opt for the option of an all-inclusive VIP travel package (Permanent attention during the hours before and after surgery, the presence of a translator throughout the process, all medications, instructions and products necessary for the perfect care of the scalp, transport from accommodation to the clinic and vice versa, two nights accommodation in a 4 or 5-star hotel, very close to the hospital and with breakfast and Wi-Fi included).

On the other hand, the cost of a hair transplant varies according to the needs of each patient, the surgeon’s fees and the postoperative stay in the clinic. To enter context, if you reside in Mexico and want to perform this hair procedure (5 thousand follicular strands) the range ranges from 18 thousand to 65 thousand dollars (see, this taking into account the number of sessions that the patient deserves to find the result that it has visualized.

In North America, specifically in Miami and New York, costs vary depending on the type of procedure you are undergoing, medical center, and postoperative treatment. A procedure for grafting five thousand hair follicles ranges from $8,050 with a range ranging from $3,000 to $15,000. However, hair transplantation is a very particular procedure. The final cost may be higher or lower, depending on the patient’s needs and expectations. Whether your final price is within this range, it strictly depends on the amount of hair grafts needed to achieve the desired results.

5000 hair grafts cost


As you will see the difference is abysmal if we compare between these three destinations.
It’s a matter of you making the decision and feeling safe about it. Specifying costs, organizing and taking into account risk factors is something you should do as a patient before venturing out to have a hair graft. The range of options is wide to choose the destination that suits your budget and needs, so it is good to investigate thoroughly all aspects that interfere with such surgery.

If you are undecided by this monumental decision, we recommend investigating the testimonies of people who have operated. Reading their experiences and seeing their results in the short, medium and long term will give you a clearer view of a landscape in which you are reflected in the fairly near future.

Trust is a determining factor in putting yourself in the hands of experts and letting yourself be patiently guided throughout this treatment. It’s time to act and put you first, your well-being and feeling good is vitally important to strengthen your self-esteem again.

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